Unplug This Weekend With Family Friendly Tips

Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow have phones in hand…do you unplug?

* Weekend Roundup:

If you haven’t met your favorite gal pals for coffee since the last time you had an epidural, fear not…. it’s time to chat! This Weekend Roundup post goes over some of the gossip, entertainment and health topics that are on my mind (and quite possibly on yours). Let’s do this….

* Slim In 6: Remember my goal to start using the Slim In 6 Beach Body system as often as possible, per the recommendation of my coach friend Melissa? Believe it or not, I’ve almost slightly stuck to it! I have to admit: my busy lifestyle, increasingly crazy schedule and various illnesses kept me from being as vigilant as I would like to be, but I have managed to turn to a workout whenever possible. I still find that the Slim In 6 system is reasonable and rational enough that most women could fit it into their busy day (even if only 3 days a week instead of 5), and I truly felt the burn in my arms and legs the next day. Then again, Melissa swears by other Beach Body programs (namely Cha Lean, which helped her lose 23 pounds without changing her eating), so I’m truly considering investigating the hype. After all, who better to trust than a fellow mom?

* Kidnapped By The Kids: Being a Conversation Leader for Oprah’s new OWN Network sounds pretty cool, right? But even though she didn’t bring me to Australia (Hello Oprah? What are you thinking?), I do get an inside look at some of the shows before they’ve even aired thanks to She Speaks.com. One of the shows I loved the most was Kidnapped By The Kids: an Intervention-esque reality where children stop their workaholic parents from being sucked into technology 24-7.

Perhaps the most painful thing about this show is that (unlike Hoarders or American Idol where I think to myself, “thank goodness I only have moderate amounts of psychosis”), it really hits home. How many of us have gotten drawn into Facebook on a Wednesday night like it’s some all consuming vortex? (Still no scientific confirmation if this is actually true). I want to hear your thoughts (and be honest): do you think you’re on the verge of being kidnapped by your own kids? Or are you at the point where you want to kidnap yourself? (Now please validate my opinions by liking me on Facebook and becoming my BFF on Twitter).

* Sound Off: Do you think your family would ever put you on Kidnapped By The Kids?

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