Ultimate Guide To Better Makeup – Interview with Makeup Artist Karinda Ristic

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Want flawlessly natural makeup, like mom Salma Hayek? Check out these exclusive tips…

Many mothers have a hard time perfecting their makeup application skills, so they spend hours dragging down their morning routines (or tons of money switching between products). Famed makeup artist Karinda Ristic has worked with magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vogue, created the website Makeup Access, and is also a mother to her 2 year old daughter Emily. She believes that it only takes 10 steps to refine your makeup routine and feel beautiful…

1) As a professional makeup artist, what is the number one thing you wish mothers new about their morning makeup routine?

Make-up should be applied in such a way that it enhances your natural beauty.  You want people to complement you and tell you how gorgeous you look, and not your make-up. In order to achieve this,you need to use the correct tools and brushes.  It is no good using an excellent product, but not applying it correctly because you lack the correct applicators.  The 10 Step Make-up Guide will teach you which tools and brushes to use in order to create a far more natural result.

2) If you are having a busy day (like so many Makeover Mommas), what are the top three products you use to look put together?

This is a great question, because even with the best intentions we often just do not have the time to do a ‘full-face’ of make-up.

* Concealer can dramatically improve the way you look. Choose a creamy concealer that either matches your natural skin color or that is one shade lighter. Apply it in thin, sheer layers under the eyes and on any other pigmented or blemished areas. Concealer is made from a denser composition then foundation, so remember that you should only apply it to the areas that need extra coverage – it is not meant to be used all over the face.

* Mascara is the one product that can create maximum impact with very little effort. It will give your eyelashes a wide-eyed, open look and immediately draw attention to the eyes.  It also darkens and thickens the lashes and makes them appear longer.  Choose either a dark brown or true black mascara.

* There is no other product that will make you look healthier than a nice, rosy blush. Choose a natural, rosy shade and add a touch of blush to the apple of your cheeks.

If you do have one more second to spare, finish off your look with a quick touch of lip gloss.

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3) What do you think your e-book The 10 Step Makeup Guide can offer mothers and women, which other beauty books can’t?

I have written the 10 Step Make-up Guide, because I found that there are not many books that offer clear step-by-step, easy to follow guidelines. Furthermore, so many books are heavily influenced by product sponsors or the author is promoting her own make-up range.

I wanted to offer women an unbiased opinion and truly educated them so they can make their own choices when buying products. Ultimately my biggest desire is to share the knowledge I have gained as a make-up artist with you and to give you the guidance you need to build your confidence and be the best you can be.

4) You say that “The 10 Step Makeup Guide is an investment in yourself.” So few mothers take the time to invest in themselves…How can this book help them feel beautiful after baby?

I feel that make-up can be a very powerful tool to build your confidence. When you feel confident about who you are, it improves every aspect of your life in the most wonderful and unexpected ways. I am in this business because I know that make-up can make you feel good.Use it to empower yourself and to be the very best – and most beautiful – you can be.

Share With Us: What is the number one trick you have learned about makeup over the years?

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3 comments on “Ultimate Guide To Better Makeup – Interview with Makeup Artist Karinda Ristic
  1. I heart Selma Hayek\’s look there! It\’s just awesome. Before, I used to envy Korean\’s skin, and just how to pull off such impeccable makeup-no-makeup look! The makeup guide looks interesting, although I\’m lemming for Bobbi Brown\’s makeup manual as of the moment. 😛

  2. Vesna Ristic says:

    The best thing with makeup is that it helps me to feel better, when I am down, nothing going well, no place to hide, I use some makeup and I feel I can fly.

    The 10 Step Makeup Guide will help me to do things better & faster.

    The number one trick I have learned about makeup over the years is know-how to use two color of powder to make my nose to look smaller.

  3. Makeup Tips says:

    really cool =)) =^_^=

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