Try Unique Beauty Products That Defy Logic: Beauty Product Roundup

Michelle Obama and Jessica Alba have unique beauty (like all of us mommas!) What product brings out yours?

Do you ever wonder what kind of products defy the odds, by working with the unique needs of your lifestyle? We have rounded up some of the most unique, interesting products available right now (Real Momma Recommendations, of course!)… Which do you want to try?

* For Genetics Defying Eyebrows: Peter Thomas Roth Brows To Die For

“I have very thin eyebrows (partially because of genetics, and partially thanks to a nervous plucking habit), but I have always wanted thick, throw-back brows (like the ones shown in the M.I.L.K of the month video!) Although this Peter Thomas Roth eyebrow serum didn’t turn me into Brooke Shields overnight, I certainly felt like my eyebrows looked more groomed (and yes, even slightly fuller), giving me that arched, dramatic look I was hoping for (especially when used in congruence with an eyebrow pencil). Easy!” – Lisa

* For Weather Defying Hair: Suave Professionals Weather Protection 365 Humidity Defying Hairspray

“With the season of winter weather we have been experiencing, I have been able to give Suave Weather Protection Hairspray a true test!  With a “shield complex” for all seasons I have been able to use it before going outside on these balmy spring days and not fear my hair looking “wind blown” for the remainder of the day! This product includes UV filters and anti-humidity polymers that are guaranteed to protect against humidity, static and wind. My hair lacks volume and body, so I have always used hairsprays to help give my hair lift. I really like the way I am able to generously apply this hairspray and it provides a solid hold without making my hair look to firm.” – Julie

* For Dent Proof Hair Styles: HairTag

“I hate how after I’ve spent precious time styling my hair in the morning, it instantly becomes kinked and ruined because I pull it back in a ponytail to wash my face, do the dishes (or avoid having it torn out by my grandchild). This hairtag was not only clever, but surprisingly effective. It easily kept my hair out of my face whenever needed (yes, I even wore it when gardening in the yard), without giving that awful tent that commonly comes from hairband usage. It was so clever, I felt like showing it to everyone!” – Joan

Wish you could have access to other unique products in our Makeover Momma shop? We want to know what you want to see in our shop…so please let us know! What would you like to see (More makeup? Fitness equipment? Fun, healthy snacks?) If you let us know, we will personally work hard to stock our store with your request. So speak up: we can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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