Try The Intense P9OX Workout Regimen of Sheryl Crow and Poppy Montgomery: Fitness Trend Focus

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Moms like Sheryl Crow and Poppy Montgomery love P9OX….Does it fit your fitness style?

The Trend: P9OX Workout System

We wrote about the P9OX workout system awhile ago (see “P9OX Workout Systems“), and got some really heated (and often hateful) public and private reviews. Never-the-less, we still thank this workout program is extremely effective and motivating (if you have the time and money to put into it).

P9OX is definitely an all-encompassing, well-rounded workout plan, that will cover all of your bases (it incorporates everything from Yoga, to cardio, to intense circuit training), and get you extremely fit and lean after having kids. However, it definitely is best for moms who have the motivation to get up in early morning hours (or access to daycare or babysitters), in order to fit in the full 60 minutes (6 days per week) to fit in the workouts.

* Trend Sound Off: What do you think of the P9OX workout? Would you have the time or money to try it?

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5 comments on “Try The Intense P9OX Workout Regimen of Sheryl Crow and Poppy Montgomery: Fitness Trend Focus
  1. Ali says:

    Probably not the money, but I am learning to MAKE the TIME for fitness, these days!

    I have also heard mixed reviews, but more good than bad, so I definitely wouldn’t knock it until I tried it! 😉

  2. tamara says:

    the p90x system is WELL worth the money! It is lots of time and effort, but it is definitely worth it. 90% of the p90x program IS the meal plan. So, you have to be willing to put in 100% and be ready for the change.
    I started it a year ago and the results have been absolutely amazing. I never thought I could be this fit. I no longer use the dvds, but incorporate the workouts into my gym routine and follow the meal plan. It is basic clean eating…
    I will always be a fan of p90x now…

  3. Bailey says:

    Thanks so much for commenting…. what kind of things do you eat on the meal plan? I really agree with you, personally- I feel like 90% of my own life is about healthy eating… but of course, everyone is different

  4. Hi Bailey,

    Agreed, P90X is a serious commitment of time and energy for busy moms.

    As I commented on your previous P90X blog post, many of my Coaching clients are moms. Many make the commitment and get the P90X workouts in early…others don’t have the 60-90 minutes a day for the workouts.

    Which is why I wrote a blog post last year about another Beachbody workout, also created by Tony Horton of P90X…called 10 Minute Trainer.

    Timothy Carter

  5. Bailey says:

    Hey Timothy- thanks! That 10 minute trainer sounds really interesting…maybe I can try it some time and write about it. 10 minutes is definitely something ANY momma can do : ) Thanks for the suggestion!

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