Try Homeopathic Remedies That Let You Sleep With Ease

Beauty sleep helps busy moms (much like Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera) look great…

* Day 3: Sprayology Sleep Ease products ($22 value!)

Welcome to Day 3 of the 12 Days of Makeovers countdown! Today is all about Sprayology (valued at $22) and how you can score one for free (for today only). How? It’s pretty simple. Just skip on over to the Makeover Momma shop right now, be one of 3 to order something (even if it’s only a few dollars), and you’ll get the Sprayology product for FREE. Once all the products have been snagged, I’ll announce it on the main 12 Days of Makeovers post, on Twitter and on Facebook (so just keep an eye out and shop fast).

And if you have a hard time sleeping lately (whether because of worries, babies or any combination thereof), you don’t want to miss Sprayology Sleep Ease. This toxin-free spray is used twice under the tongue to calm the nerves, reduce tension and minimize the effects of caffeine (helping you rest a lot easier). It’s the better alternative to sleep medicines or pills, because it helps you relax by using 10 completely natural ingredients (like passion flower and chamomilla) which have zero negative side effects. Plus, all Sleepology products are FDA approved and regulated, so you have no reason to worry as you’re dosing off to bed (isn’t that a change of pace).

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* Speak Up: When you’re having trouble falling to sleep… what helps?

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