Makeover Your Drive Thru Breakfast: Nutrition Trend Focus

Wish you could makeover “drive thru” (like on-the-go moms Camila Alves and Kourtney Kardashian?) You can…

The Trend: Healthy “fast food” for your busy, on the go lifestyle.

Have you ever wondered “How can I possibly eat healthy with fast food?” We have a new on-the-go breakfast idea for you! So many of us think we can’t find a healthy ‘fast food”, but Subway has long since been the mainstay for low calorie bites during road trips or busy days running around town.  So, leave it to Subway to give us a breakfast option that is fast and healthy.

For example, an Egg and Cheese Egg Muffin Melt has only 170 calories (that is less than most protein bars), and you can even choose an Egg White Muffin Melt (bringing it to only 140 calories, and lowering cholesterol too). The Black Forest Ham, Egg White and Cheese Sandwich is a larger portion (and consequently more calories), but still considerably moderate for a breakfast option (350 calories and 23 gram of protein). These sandwiches are a great healthy, and filling option to the typical drive through.

*Trend Sound Off : Do you love this idea of  healthy “fast food”? And would you try it yourself?

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