Try Cross Training On a Mini Stepper With The Makeover Momma Shape Up

* Makeover Momma Shape Up: Week 5

It’s been over a month since we began the Makeover Momma Shape Up journey, and it’s definitely time to change things up. This week I decided to drag out my mini stepper for the fitness portion (which I’d showcased in another fitness video before with promises of a reprisal). After a recent comment on You Tube reminding me it’s time for another mini stepper workout, I decided to climb back on (see, I really listen to every single thing y’all say… you are my boss, after all!) Best of all, this Stamina In Stride Mini Stepper is available in the Makeover Momma shop, and it’s on sale for only $48 right now (down from $90!)

Even if you don’t have a mini step machine at home, you can use a staircase or stepping stool to challenge yourself in similar ways (and any kind of light weights will do, though I’d recommend 5 pounds to balance out the slow nature of this week’s exercises).

How did it go? Watch and see…

* Nutrition Plan: After a month on the Slim Fast 321 Plan, I am still truly pleased with the concept of getting to eat six mini meals a day. Moms need constant fuel to keep our metabolisms humming and ward off uncontrollable binges on our kids leftover grilled cheese and chips (so tempting). Being able to eat multiple times a day is ideal, and helps prevent “snacking” (or pigging out once the kids have finally gone to bed). And even though I’m drinking two shakes during the day, I love chowing on fresh produce at dinner (a dark green salad with feta cheese, dried cherries and tangy dressing is my new favorite).

You Can Try The Shape Up: If you want to try, get unlimited support by commenting on the post of the week, or sending messages to @makeovermomma. I’m here to help you and want us to do this together!

* Answer This: How are you doing with the Makeover Momma Shape Up?

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2 comments on “Try Cross Training On a Mini Stepper With The Makeover Momma Shape Up
  1. Lua says:

    that mini stepper is too awesome! 🙂 i can totally see myself watching TV while on it. very cool!

  2. Shannon says:

    You are so freakin adorable!! Love the video, can’t wait to see more. Now let me get off my tush and get my 10 min in! Thanks for the motivation : )

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