Try a Clear Skin Diet Like Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore: Exclusive Interview With Brendan Brazier

Want glowing, clear skin like Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore? Start with your diet…

Do you wish you could drink a meal replacement shake, that actually helps give your body protein, essential fats, enzymes, and vitamins (while still helping you feel full?) We were thrilled to be able to interview health guru Brendan Brazier (author of the book Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life), about his brand new line of nutritional drinks Vega, used on models at Fall 2010 Mercedes Benx Fashion Week.

1. Why do you think models so eagerly drank these nutritional drinks, while preparing for the runway?

“A lot of models and people who work with them are starting to realize the value of good health. Not just being light [thin], but actual being healthy (because then your eyes look better, your skin looks better, you have more energy, your hair looks better). Plus, you won’t have to sleep as much or be dependant on stimulants like coffee and sugar (so you never have the ups, downs and crash effect with your energy).”

2. So what makes these drinks different from other nutritional replacement shakes?

“If your healthy, your going to be at a healthy body weight, so you won’t have to supress your appetite (or stop eating even though you’re hungry). When you’re nourished, it turns off your hunger signal, so you won’t want to keep eating unnessecarily.”

3. What are other health benefits does Vega offer?

“Well, actually Vega is gluten-free, and has 100% RDA of calcium too. If you have a full serving, it only has 240 calories, with 26 grams of protein, 13 grams of fiber, 7 grams of essential fats. It has no artificial ingredients, animal products or fillers [so you’re only putting the most pure ingredients in your body].”

4. So basically, all of these models and moms who drink meal replacement shakes, they do absolutely nothing for them in terms of vitamins and nutrients (for the same amount of calories)?

“Exactly. They just suppress your appetite, instead of giving you nutrients. With Vega, you’re not hungry because your body is receiving the vitamins it needs. And it has no common allergies- no wheat, yeast, gluten, corn, soy, dairy. The thing that we’ve found is that once people start using it (and liking it and looking better), people start coming to them and asking what they’ve been doing, and they just say: Vega!”

* Have you ever tried a meal replacement shake or bar? Why (or why didn’t you) like it?

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2 comments on “Try a Clear Skin Diet Like Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore: Exclusive Interview With Brendan Brazier
  1. jacy says:

    I LOVE Advocare’s meal replacement shakes!!

  2. Yum! Do you know how many calories they have? Do you tend to have more energy? That’s always my downfall with shakes- I just feel hungry so soon after!

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