True Beauty Doesn’t Have To Be Cruel: Speedy Beauty Spotlight

Want to soft, summer makeup (like Sophia Vergara and ?) Love this!

Even the most beautiful lipstick or eyeshadow can look ugly when you realize it’s been tested on animals. This is why we love Tarte‘s line of beauty products (because there’s nothing to feel guilty about!) Tarte features products that are all cruelty-free, which means no animals were subjected to harsh tests. Also, the Tarte line gives new meaning to the word “waterproof” because most of its products are water-resistant for long-lasting wear (to ensure you look your best throughout the entire day).

* Tarte Park Avenue Princess Waterproof Bronzer

Who says you have to lay out in harmful UV rays all day in order to get that sun-kissed glow? Well, whoever said it didn’t have Tarte’s new waterproof bronzer in Park Avenue Princess. The shade is just dark enough to give a little color to your cheeks while remaining sheer enough to complement your skin (instead of that dreaded stark contrast). The great things about this product: it’s waterproof, it’s made from minerals that are known to soften and soothe your skin, and it has vitamins A, C, and E.

* Tarte EmphasEYES Waterproof Clay Eyeshadow and Liner Pot

Ever heard of Amazonian white clay? We hadn’t either. But this particular clay provides your skin with the perfect balance to avoid irritation upon application. Some of it’s properties include the lessening of dry skin and flaking, the heightening of your skin’s elasticity and clarity, as well as the removal of dead skin and oils. So can you believe this eyeshadow and liner pot are made with this miraculous stuff? They come in amazing colors like indigo, black, brown, plum, and bronze!

* MultiplEYE Natural Lash Enhancing Waterproof Mascara

How many mascaras do you know of that are waterproof and increase your lash volume by 526%? Well, this one does. (And it really does!) Instantly, you get thicker and more noticeable lashes that are darker and healthier looking. Plus, did we mention it’s waterproof on top of it? That means whether you’re sliding down that water slide with your kids or crying tears of joy at a movie with the hubby (come on, you know you do), your lashes will stay thick, long, and beautiful all night long.

* Lock and Roll 12 Hour Eyeshadow

Guess what’s waterproof and crease-proof? You guessed it – it’s Lock and Roll 12 Hour Eyeshadow. This product has a two-step formula: after you apply the cream shadow, you roll over the matching loose powder to lock in color and keep that amazing luminosity (so you look gorgeous for as long as you want).

* Rise and Shine Natural Lip Stain and Gloss

There is nothing sexier than a pair of beautiful, lush lips. And with Tarte’s new lip stain and gloss it’s not hard to feel sexy yourself (even if that seems impossible most days of the week). Not only does this stain and gloss give your lips great color and healthy look, it’s also packed with amazing ingredients that hydrate your smacker. Things like acai berry extract, acerola, goji berry extract, maracuja, pomegranate, and t5 super fruit complex will maintain those dewy lips to prevent drying and cracking.

* Answer This: Which Tarte products are your favorite?

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2 comments on “True Beauty Doesn’t Have To Be Cruel: Speedy Beauty Spotlight
  1. Jen Mathews says:

    Hooray for cruelty-free brands!

  2. Hooray for you and your cruelty free website! Whenever I see that little bunny on a product box, I think of you ; )

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