Trends In Motherhood

Trend in Motherhood: Wearing insanely tall heels or boots while toting your little one around town.

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Don’t get us wrong- we at Makeover Momma love empowered, fashionable moms as much as the rest of the world. If a mother wants to strap on her stilettos for a trip to the grocery store…more power to her! If a mom feels like holding her head 4” higher with pride (and impressive balancing skills), than be our guest! But for the majority of us frazzled fashionistas, carrying a 20+ lb. weight of a child (and/or climbing in out of cars, chasing down aisles, or other parent related activities) to be slightly dangerous in high heels.

If a mother is very newly post-partum, it is important to regain core strength, balance, and let stretched ligaments and bones return to their pre-baby shape (more or less) before jumping into those platforms, for fear of injury. And if you are simply too busy and tired to care about wedges and the like? Try turning to classic ballet flats in a bright color or with cool accents to punch up an outfit.

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