Trend In Motherhood — Designer Purse Diaper Bags

Trend In Motherhood: Using a designer purse for a diaper bag.

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      At first we thought the trend of trading your diaper bag for a brand-name purse was haughty and impractical (like with rumored Balenciaga-toting Gwyneth Paltrow.) After all, who wants leaky formula and sticky diaper balm rolling around the inner layer of your beautiful bag? Never-the-less, Makeover Momma gives this motherly trend a B, because something can be said for making an effort to carry a stylish diaper bag.

      Although we feel for all mothers and the plight of the tacky DB, the typical baby-gunk vessels (i.e. diaper bags) seem to be created from plastic rain-slickers and slathered in cartoons. Try to be a true mystery woman and choose a diaper bag that resembles a purse… keeping the secret of its contents (baby wipes, anyone?) to yourself.

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2 comments on “Trend In Motherhood — Designer Purse Diaper Bags
  1. The Diva says:

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  2. Chic Mom says:

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