Treat Your Skin To An Anti-Aging Nephria Jade Serum For Free

Gwen Stefani and Halle Berry look gorgeous at all times of day thanks to clear, smooth skin…

* Day 1: Nephria Jade Serum ($76.50)

It’s officially Day 1 of the 12 Days of Makeovers, and I could not be more excited to kick off the next 2 weeks. Today is the day to get your hands on a FREE, full sized serums from Nephria Jade (valued at $76.50 each). In case you need a refresher on how the 12 Days of Makeovers works, just stop by the Makeover Momma shop today, scoop up any item you want (just in time for the holidays), and you’ll get this amazing serum sent to you for free.

Now remember, we only have 3 to giveaway today, so act fast. Shopping begins at 10 AM/EST and 7 AM/PST (to make things fair for all), and I’ll immediately notify you on the main post once all the products have been snagged (and announce it on Twitter and Facebook too). But don’t worry, there are still 12 more days and you can participate every day… so you can scoop up as much as you want!

Now it’s time to learn why today’s product is so fantastic. The Nephria Jade serum uses a potent combination of ingredients like nephrite jade (the beautiful gem that’s also used as a gentle exfoliant), papaya extract, seaweed, green tea extract and myrrh (perfect for the holiday season if you think it’s historical connotations). The serum is best known for being light (so it won’t cause breakouts), gentle and moisturizing (ideal for balancing out winter skin), and most of all, it helps prevent and reduce the signs of aging by firming the skin, boosting collagen and eliminating the appearance of dark circles.

So, do you want to pamper your skin this holiday season? Then drop by the Makeover Momma shop today and grab anything you want (and you’ll get this serum for FREE!)

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* Today’s Shop Recommendation: Terrafirma Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow in Beach Bum

I have loved these Terrafirma Cosmetic eyeshadows from the moment I saw them, and it’s not just because they’re they’re made of gentle, non-irritating minerals, or completely environmentally friendly and natural. In fact, it’s because every time I see my older sister (a mother of three) and compliment her on her gorgeous eyeshadow, she replies “it’s from your shop silly”. Each shade is soft, beautiful and goes perfectly with most skin-tones. There are tons of shades available in the Makeover Momma shop (everything from rich greens, to soft blues, to cool bronze tones), but I love how laid back this color is. You could apply it with your eyes closed and it’d still look good (plus, it reminds me of the beach even when the weather is getting cold!)

* What Do You Think: Why would YOU want to try this serum?

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