Stop Dry Skin This Fall With The Right Soap

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We have a lot of skin problems in my household, and most of them start at bath-time. First the baby was diagnosed with eczema (leaving her permanently pink, scratchy and uncomfortable), and then my 4 year old began having negative health symptoms exacerbated by prolonged baths and irritating ingredients. All of which leaves me constantly freaked out at the thought of time in the tub. Am I choosing the right products? Will a toxic ingredient make their skin inflamed? Will my house officially be taken over by rubber duckies?

This week I decided to try out Irish Spring soap (which I had never tried before), especially because it has moisturizing ingredients designed to calm sensitive skin. And since the temperatures are dropping in my neck of the woods (which is, in fact, literally near the woods), I’m worried about my own skin cracking and chapping. What’s the verdict? So far we only have good things to say about this soap. We chose the Irish Spring Moisture Blast with Hydrobeads (which at first made me think of some sort of psychedelic at Woodstock, but it turns out it’s almost like smoothing lotion into your skin). And since our skin was so moisturized during cleansing, we had to apply less lotion after the bath (meaning we’ll save more money in the long run)… pretty cool, right?

* Sound Off: What skin problems do you or your kids have, and how do you treat them?

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