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  We love to celebrate the fact that mothers come in all shapes and sizes, but recent headlines of mothers drastically dropping post-natal weight at a rapid rate can’t help but make us raise an eyebrow. Although extremely thin women are nothing new in Hollywood, many celeb mommas seem to not only lose their baby weight in weeks, but supersede their previously skinny size. Mothers like Tori Spelling or Thandi Newton (more on her here) continue to claim that “breastfeeding” and motherhood simply take the life (and lb.s) right out of them… but is this really the case?

   Makeover Momma reader Ali agrees with the difficulties of taking care of yourself as a new mom, explaining, “The hardest thing about eating healthy now (as a mom) is remembering to feed myself.” Although many mothers struggle with this problem, it’s crucial for post-partum ladies to let their bodies gradually return to it’s size after baby (like moms Salma Hayek, Uma Thurman or Liv Tyler, who admiteddly took their time) and to pay attention to the nutrients in their diets (especially if they are breastfeeding).

Sound Off: Do you think that these moms let themselves get to thin? How did motherhood affect your weight or metabolism, and how have you tried to stay healthy?

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One comment on “Tori Spelling Weight Loss — Body Spotlight
  1. I have to agree that Tori and Thandi have lost way too much weight for their bodies AND way too quickly on top of it. It is hard to get your body back, but the best way is nice and healthy through excessive and nutrition, not by starving yourself. To even have the energy I need to keep up with my boys I have to eat healthy and work out; I can tell a difference when I don’t or if I skip a meal, thinking I’m too busy-I end up crashing way earlier and being way too tired.

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