Top Ways To Wear Fur Like Catherine Zeta Jones and Angie Harmon: Fashion Look of the Week

Do you think that wearing fur in fashion is wrong…or stylish? Regardless of your humanitarian stand point on fur (and although we do not advocate it), it can certainly be an integral part of winter fashion, so it’s important to learn how to wear your (faux) fur right. Try starting off with a small touch of fur (like Catherine Zeta Jones chic coat), but doing so in a color that matches with the rest of your outfit (and goes with your overall skin tone).

If you want a more bold “pop” of fur, try wearing a small shawl or throw with a cocktail dress (like Angie Harmon), but only do so if it’s dress appropriate (a formal event) and if it doesn’t mess with the overall lines of your necklines and dress. When in doubt? Keep it simple, keep it classic, and don’t go head-to-toe in fur (unless you’re taking 100 Dalmatians a bit too literally).

* What Do You Think: Do you love or hate fur’s place in fashion?

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6 comments on “Top Ways To Wear Fur Like Catherine Zeta Jones and Angie Harmon: Fashion Look of the Week
  1. Tara says:

    There is always faux fur! A little goes a long way. Just this week I inherited one of my great grandmothers cocktail jackets with a fur collar. I would never ever purchase fur, but because its an heirloom piece I will likely (guiltily) wear it.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I, like Tara, would not buy fur for myself. However, my mother-in-law bought me a gorgeous vintage rabbit cardigan for Christmas, and I adore it. It’s super warm and very cute 🙂

  3. jacy says:

    i have one item of fur, it is the collar on a vintage (1950’s) long trench coat. I got it at an auction and while I have not worn it, i do treasure it. I bought the coat because of the history not the fur. If I had to, I would buy something faux fur. But fur is tricky to wear..there is a fine line between classy and tacky.

  4. Agreed! Since I’m all for animal rights, I am not a fan of fur, but my grandmother left a fur shawl of hers- and I will guard that thing with my life.

  5. styleezta says:

    I do agree less is more! ie a fur collar instead of a full on fur coat 🙂

  6. Yup! agree…! i also like this To Wear Fur Like Catherine Zeta Jones and Angie Harmon! and now it is in the Fashion….! happY 🙂

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