Top Holiday Gift Ideas For Kids (And Cheap Moms)

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Do you want to spoil your kids this holiday season without going bankrupt? I wrote about a few weeks ago, after spotting their amazing trampolines online (and dreaming that after a few weeks of bouncing, I’d emerge looking like Jennifer Aniston). The website is filled with tons of amazing products for parents and kids, from children’s luggage, to household goods (and even the afore mentioned fitness equipment). However, instead of treating myself to fresh exercise gear (as I’d once imagined), I ended up doing what all guilt-laden mothers do…. I spent it on my kids.

I had $100 to put towards holiday gifts, and figured it wasn’t going to get me very far. After researching various websites and picking through coupons in stores, I realized how affordable the options were on, and decided to go for it. A few minutes later, I had treated my girls to six (count them, six) separate gifts, and couldn’t have been more thrilled. And because we have a “no overdoing it in order to appreciate the meaning of giving” policy in our house, I’m essentially done with my holiday shopping (how fabulous is that to say?) Since I meticulously research steals and deals (it’s like an addiction), I knew that all of the items were substantially cheaper than on other popular websites (even my favorite brand involving big-red-bulls-eyes), but I still expected the presents to be slightly smaller in size.

As each present began to arrive, I realized that these were serious, heavy-duty gifts, and I was super duper wrong. The giant interactive purse I got my gadget-inclined baby? It was double the size I expected it to be. The princess tent and sleeping bag I got for the girls to share (or rather, fight over?) It looked like I paid thrice as much (it was actually only ). And my favorite gift of all (Sassafras Kids Mrs. Clause fudge baking set to make together before) was only $13.95 , but those memories are definitely priceless.

* Holiday Gift Spotlight: Elmo A-To-Zoo Adventure Videogame

Need another suggestion for helping your money go a long way this gift-giving season? Recently my eldest Kinley was given the chance to try out the new Elmo A-to-Zoo Adventure video-game on our computer, and she couldn’t have been happier (literally… she jumped up and down for about 20 minutes). After a few days of her doing the “I want that!” yell at the TV whilst watching the Elmo game commercial, she was actually able to see her dreams to fruition and test it out. I assumed that new games only work on cool systems like Wii and Nintendo DS, but this also works on your junky ole PC (like mine!) How did it go? Watch the video (above) and find out…

* What Do You Think: How much do you budget for seasonal gifts each year?

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