Top Beauty Finds At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011

Top Beauty Finds at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011

* The Haircare System: It’s a rare occurrence to meet a celebrity stylist or brand mogul and really connect with them, but with Chaz Dean and his WEN haircare system… it’s easy.  Any time I meet a brand that believes so deeply in their product (and is anywhere near as sweet as Chaz is), I know I want to support them. Chaz Dean’s vision is pretty simple: stop shampooing your hair. Chaz sister is living proof that his method works (check out the video above to see for yourself)… she hasn’t used shampoo for nearly 14 years!

Chaz believes that our shampoo-aholic habits in America are stripping our hair of natural oils and damaging our color (so much so that we need to constantly apply other styling agents to get back to normal). His entire system is perfect for moms: you use one product for the entire family. The Cleansing Conditioner can be used as your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shine serum, shaving cream and even face wash. One bottle for one family? This I have to put to the test.

I can’t wait to test out the WEN system for myself over the next 30 days. During the next month, I’ll use nothing but WEN Cleansing Conditioner to cleanse my hair (as well as the Intensive Hair Repair Mask, since my hair really needs some help). Plus, if I don’t have time to wash every single morning, I can use the Replenishing Treatment Mist to re-style on the go. Not only that, but my curly-haired, verging-on-dread-locks 4 year old will also be taking the WEN test with me (this way you can see for yourself how WEN works on different hair types, if it works for an entire family, and if it helps improve your current routine of screaming and sobbing when it’s time to comb her hair). Stay tuned…. final results coming soon!

* The Eyelash Serum: I have been using the Talika Cosmetics Liposil Expert for a couple of months now, and couldn’t love it more.  Unlike other eyelash serums that only use an eyeliner application style (or mascara application style), this uses two techniques to apply product along the lash line and to the eyelashes themselves. It definitely took a month to see results, but results I did see (my lashes are longer, darker and seem to always be semi-curled). It’s enough of a difference where when I think about the product running out before I’ve gotten more, I start to panic (always a good sign in the beauty world!)

Remember, you can get my all time favorite beauty product Talika Eyelash Extender just by clicking the button below...

* Sound Off: Would you ever consider skipping shampoo in favor of conditioner?

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