Top 5 Best Fashion Advice From Tim Gunn — Interview with Tim Gunn

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  After attending a fabulous All Access Fashion event, Bailey from Makeover Momma was able to interview Tim Gunn (Project Runway co-host and Chief Creative Officer at Liz Claiborne, Inc.) and ask him a crucial style question…

“Since so many mothers struggle with money and time for fashion, what do you think is the one piece a women should really invest in?”

Tim Gunn: “I have a hard time answering this question, because it brings to mind so many other questions…’Can this woman invest in something? What does her closet look like? What is her lifestyle like?’ An investment is different from simply buying an item, because you need to know the individual.
    However, I believe that every mom, woman and man needs a really good blazer or jacket as part of their wardrobe. It is a versatile piece for everyone…you can wear it with jeans, you can wear it to work…You can wear it with everything.”

  Despite Tim Gunn’s fame for frequently stating, “Just make it work,” we loved some of the other mom-friendly advice he offered up. Here is the Top 5 Best Fashion Advice From Tim Gunn (Plus, a fun video featuring Tim’s personal experience when taking fashion risks…the pocket square!):

1) Choosing your wardrobe:“The most important factors in accessing a piece of clothing need to be: silhouette…proportion….and fit.”

2) Getting the right length in pants: “When you’re shopping for pants, always bring a pair of heels with you. The pant should fit somewhere between the middle of your heels…and you want to be able to add a slight cuff when wearing flats.”

3) Getting the right size: “Find a tailor. Don’t settle for items right off the rack.”

4) Buying the right jeans: “If you’re picking jeans, a slightly low-ride fit is universally more flattering on woman. Whether you have bigger hips or are petite, a slightly lower jean is better.”

5) On taking fashion risks:“It’s a look [referring to popular “man scarf” trend]…and it’s not for everyone. You have to be comfortable pulling it off.”

* Which bit of Tim Gunn advice do you agree with the most? Let us know!

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2 comments on “Top 5 Best Fashion Advice From Tim Gunn — Interview with Tim Gunn
  1. Tara says:

    Great advice! Tim Gunn is too funny. I have ONE pair of tailored jeans, and I have to agree that they were a great investment 🙂

  2. bailey says:

    Nice…I’d love to get things tailored (sometimes I coheres someone else into sewing something for me- because straps are always way too big)- but better yet, need to learn to sew! ; )

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