Top 4 Products For Looking Good With (Almost) No Makeup

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Guide To… Looking Good With (Almost) No Makeup

I get asked fairly often how I look so good without makeup, and my answer most often is: I don’t. More often than not, I am filming wearing little-to-no makeup on the Catching Breath vlog (throwing on mascara and real foundation maybe once a week), but normally, I still have a little something on. In order to fake a no makeup natural look, using a couple of key products can go a long way… Just keep it simple, sweet and portable, and it won’t feel like work in the morning (I promise).

None of these products were sent to me, nor are they sponsoring my opinion. These are goodies that I spent with my should-I-really-buy-this-oh-my-gosh-I-feel-so-guilty money (all are around $10 – $15 and under), and tested on my ruddy, sweaty, freckly skin throughout the week.

No makeup…

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A little bit of “no makeup”…

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e.l.f Lash Tint Mascara: I don’t have amazing eyelashes. The only way I fake decent eyelashes is by layering more mascara than Twiggy on crack (even though apparently she never did drugs). It’s a super involved process, and I should probably cover it in another post for anyone who doesn’t want the look of natural anything (give me fake, drag and “I didn’t wake up like this” any day of the week!) But since I literally never have time to apply my body-weight in ‘scara, I settle for a lash tint that at least helps me look more human Monday – Friday. It’s sort of like a fine line between those girls who try to pass off $200 lash extensions as real (I want to be them so bad), and being Gary Busey in a mugshot. This tint is $4 online, has a teenty-tiny brush to get at the root of your lashes, and takes literally 2 seconds to apply. I swipe it only on the outer edge of my eyelashes to give a cat-like effect, and then do the same on my bottom lashes. It stays all day, and comes off easily with a swipe of remover or lotion on a cotton-pad. I’ve even accidentally slept in it before, and woke up looking the same the next day. If trying this tactic in the past with long-lasting lash tints (like those from Hard Candy that you can swim with), I always wake up with weird, bent, clingy, Spider-lash Syndrome … so somehow, the non-long-last formula works way better in this case.

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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup: I grabbed this product on a total whim because I love anything that practically applies itself (beauty cushions from Korea are another favorite), and this had the same premise. You never have to touch the product to your fingers- it smears directly on with a sponge-like tip… Almost like if an inflated sharpie could paint your face with foundation? It only has SPF 18 (which for a sun-a-phobe like me, barely even counts as sunscreen), but it does have anti-aging Goji berry and collagen built in to help with wrinkle woes throughout the day. I can’t say that it’s helped my fine lines specifically, but it’s almost like an awesome BB cream that you can layer all day, which equates to more coverage overall. Often, I hate tinted moisturizers because they don’t cover redness enough. However, since you can apply this easily whenever you want (it doesn’t get gross no matter how much you layer), it makes up for not being long-lasting by being light, breathable and natural looking. Plus, it seconds as concealer because you can dab the tip of the sponge directly on areas that need more coverage… Win win?

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Missha Soft Blending Stick Blusher: I hate blush. I don’t use blush even when I should, and I hate it even more when my face flushes redder than the blush itself and defeats the entire purpose. I do, however, enjoy a bit of a contour now and again, so my face doesn’t look like one giant pale blob when I’m sick and tired. This blusher stick is about as close as I’ll get to contouring or bronzing during a busy week. It literally smears on like a big marker: I draw a line underneath my cheekbones, along side my nose, and occasionally along my temples. The flip side of the blusher has a little brush, which seamlessly blends the color into skin. Since it’s a cream, however, sometimes this can blend it too much… so use with caution. You can either apply the contour to bare skin and then add your foundation over it, without ever blending (sometimes this works well), or you can apply the normal way- after foundation- but blend softly. Either way, it’s so much faster than it sounds… It’s like my youngest daughter redecorating her bedroom walls with a green pen recently: a few swipes and the damage is done.

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Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon: There seems to be a theme of “art supplies” happening with all of the above products, and this eyebrow color is no different. It literally looks like a giant crayon, and is the easiest thing in the world to apply to sparse parts of your brows to add dimension, frame your face, and make you look more alive. I feather it super carefully, and then blend with my fingers as I’m running out the door (wheezing out the door?)… It’s that fast. Just be careful to use a super gentle touch. We aren’t all Lily Collins, even if we want to be.

Obviously, a bit of lip color goes a long way too, but since I use a variety of things that all work congruently (tinted chapsticks, rose Vaseline, or nude lip liners), I’ll leave that part to you.

It may not seem like a lot, but these four products can work as a fake a cup of coffee to perk up your face, without having to skip your actual latte in order to apply them. Like?

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Snarkily Yours,

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