Top 10 Fall Runway Styles — Beauty Product Roundup

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Want a strong brow and shiny hair like Courteney Cox-Arquette? Check out these trends…

 Do you want to get the latest beauty looks from the runway, without dragging down your busy morning routine? Check out the top 10 Runway Looks To Try video below (straight from beauty experts Daily Makeover), and read our simple product suggestions for achieving these Fall beauty trends at home…

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By: Megan McIntyre

 * For A Sleek, Shiny Ponytail: Sally Hershberger Luxe Layers Protective Blow Out Gel

    It pretty much goes without saying that the best hairstyle invention for moms was the ponytail, so try making your looks sleek and pulled together by straightening the top layer of hair (it’s a fast way to look like you’ve had a salon blow dry). We love this new product from Sally Hershberger, because it helps protect your strands from hot tools (like flat irons or blow dryers), while giving health and shine. Don’t worry about the price tag if you are a budget momma, try checking out her uber affordable hair line at Walgreens!

* For Stand-Our Eye Brows: Darac Eyebrow Trio

   It may seem that bold lips and bold eye makeup is ruling the Runway this Fall, but dramatic, classic eyebrows are the unspoken centerpiece of every beauty trend. Although we love old-Hollywood eyebrows (see our post about the moms of Mad Men), taking the extra step in your morning routine can seem impossible. Try a simple pen (like this one from Darac) which contains an eyebrow brush, soft pencil and highlighter for your brow bones…all in one clever little product! (And if you are strapped for cash, check out the new Browtint pen from Styli-Style).

* Sound Off: What do YOU use to protect your hair when blowing it dry?

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    I definitely do too. Sometimes I seem to have marathon ponytail weekends… I definitely need to get out of that habit! ; ) But the baby cant pull my hair when it’s up, so just easier!

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