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     As a busy parent, you want to make the most of your workouts in the least time possible. Even thought movie stars and Olympian athletes may workout for hours at a time, the majority of us mothers can stay fit and slim in about 20-30 minutes per day (and you can break that up throughout the day!)

Time Saving Tip: Circuit training is a tremendous way to burn calories in a short amount of time. Circuit training is simply doing one strength training move after the other, without stopping for breaks. Fit mothers like Vanessa Williams (exercising recently with her daughter), are fans of circuit training because it cuts corners, time, and…well, calories!

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      Create your own “Constant Rotation” by rotating moves that target the 4 zones: upper body, lower body, core, and cardio. Try to do 10-12 reps (for example, 10-12 push-ups), before moving to the next move from the next group.

      That’s it… an instant total body circuit that lets you get on with your day!

Upper Body Moves:

  • Push-ups on your knees (using good form)
  • Triceps dips on a chair or table
  • Overhead press with your *baby or toddler (give them kisses on the return!)

Lower Body Moves:

  • Elevated leg squats — rest one leg on a couch or table, and sink into deep squat. Remember to switch legs when needed.
  • Baby bounce calf raises — rise up onto toes holding baby as weight. Bounce baby and keep rising until feel burning in legs.
  • Elevated bridge — lay on ground with feet flat on table or couch. Lift butt off the ground, squeezing leg and rear muscles, but keeping upper body flat on the ground. Lower and repeat.

Core Moves:

  • Crunches – alternate between a super slow tempo and a faster tempo to keep muscles engaged and challenged.
  • “Ceiling Taps” – Extend legs straight to ceiling, aligned over hips, and use lower stomach to lift toes as if trying to touch to the ceiling. Butt will raise a few inches off ground. Keep repeating…
  • Elevated Circle Crunches – Place feet up on couch or table. Crunch up in a normal position but hold….circle and sweep upper body to the ground and around- as if drawing a wide circle with the top of your head. Hold the crunch position, and continue alternating sweeping circles in each direction. Try not to let stomach muscles relax during the exercise…

Cardio Moves:

  • Jog in place or around your living room
  • Run up and down stairs in your house (or do step-ups on a nearby chair or stepping stool)
  • Jump rope in place (can jump “invisible” rope)

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