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How often do your children get sick? Sometime I feel like my home is a breeding ground for germs no matter how hard I try to keep us healthy. Between my job as a part-time dance teacher (lots of shaking hands and sneezing children), my daughters preschool status (where I think they breed influenza for kicks), and my 17 month old’s affinity for eating food off the ground (she’s immune to the “5 second rule”)… we might as well hang a sign on our door reading “sponsored by Pedialyte”. And even though I chatted about Pedialyte recently in a post, I didn’t realize how much we’d be needing it this past week (that’s right, we’re sick again).

Since Pedialyte helps kids recover from upset stomachs and nausea (though it shouldn’t be used without consulting a doctor first), it’s the perfect fix when everyone is feeling “green”. But how do you get your kids to actually drink this helpful fluid? Try the new Pedialyte Singles: they have clear liquids (no stained pajamas), taste good (my 4 year old verifies), and  come in individual packages (so it has all the appeal of a Capri Sun). And if all else fails? Try throwing a “Feel Better Party” (like I did in the photo story above).

* Sound Off: How do you keep germs away during cold and flu season?

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