This One Necklace Can Be Worn Eight Different Ways: Make It Better

Denise Richards and Kourtney Kardashian know the power of accessories (whether handbag or baby)…do you?

Wish you could spend money on one, long-lasting piece of jewelery that can multi-task nearly as much as you do? We fell in love with the concept behind the Stella & Dot La Co Co Brooch Necklace (one necklace that can become 8 separate pieces of jewelery).

The La Co Co Brooch necklace can be worn as a broach, a bracelet, a choker and many, many more options (while being made of classic, beautiful materials that will never go out of style). Are you as enamored with this idea as we are? Check out La Co Co in our Makeover Momma store, and let us know what you think!

Want to find more unique, multi-tasking accessories? We love these options from fellow Open Sky experts…

* The Tassi from Beauty and Fashion Tech ($14.89): The Tassi can hold your hair back from your face whenever you want to apply makeup, wash your face or jump in the shower (without ever ruining your perfectly styled coif). How genius is that?

* The Shoe Wallet From Candace Stupek ($10.99): Wish you could go for a jog (or run around with your kids all day) without having to constantly carry your purse, a heavy diaper bag or wonder if you’ve dropped your wallet? The shoe wallet is a creative way for active moms to keep their personal belongings right with them (on their stylish sneakers), without ever losing their debit card (or being locked out of their house) again…

* Stick On Reading Lenses from She Sez: Do you always lose your glasses (or want to be able to read in styling sunglasses without shelling out for a prescription?) We love the idea behind Stick On Reading Glasses (just stick on the reading lenses, fit them to any glasses or sunglasses that you might have, and you’re done!)

Credit: © Open Sky and Celebrity Gossip

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