These Gluten Free, Nutritious Snacks Take The Cake (Sort Of)

It’s that time of year again…back to school season (insert ominous music here). As we all know, getting the kids ready for the new school year can be hectic and stressful. Between the shopping, finishing homework, and packing lunches, we all get a little tuckered out. But, thankfully there are great healthy food options just perfect for you and the kids. The two things we worry about the most are snacks (healthy ones, anyways) and supplements (impossible to get kids to eat). Now we have some super savvy solutions…

* Nature’s Path EnviroKidz: Theses cereals come in 6 kid-pleasing (and figure friendly) gluten-free flavors. Choose from frosted corn flakes, sweetened corn balls, cocoa crispy rice, and peanut butter corn balls (they’re perfect for satiating a momma’s sweet tooth too). These yummy cereals come in traditional boxes, or in convenient on-the-go EnviroPakz, perfect in lunches or as a quick snack for you. You can even use them to make “granola bars” or healthy cookies… it’s up to you!

But if snacking on cereal doesn’t suit you, EnviroKidz has a line of gluten-free crispy rice snack bars as well. Choose from five different flavors: fruity burst, peanut butter, peanut choco drizzle, chocolate crispy, and berry blast. We love these tasty bars for the kids (and for your busy days when you don’t have time to stop). My daughter loves the adorable images of animals on the front, and calls the bars accordingly (she loves “panda bars” and “koala bars” best).

* NutraSea Kids liquid supplement: This tasty pill alternative will keep everyone in the family happy (and nutritionally balanced). This berry-flavored fish oil supplement contains a balanced ratio of EPA/DHA and omega-6 (all that stuff you worry about your kids getting in their daily meals). It’s almost like insurance for their diet! This power supplement helps in childhood development and is good for you too (Heck, it even improves your skin!)

* Speak Up: Which product would you like to try during the back to school season?

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One comment on “These Gluten Free, Nutritious Snacks Take The Cake (Sort Of)
  1. Shannon says:

    Found you from Dr. Heather (Human Body Detectives).

    I had a friend of mine guest write on gluten-free bentos for kids and thought it might help– . If you don\’t mind, may I add this link too? I get questions on different types of food for bento and know very little about GF. :o)

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