There Is Still Time To Spring Clean Your Skin: Makeup Mondays With Teri


Feel gorgeous with little makeup (like moms Halle Berry and Sheryl Crow) by taking care of your skin…

Ok, let’s be honest… We Makeover Mommas really don’t want to think about spring cleaning (much less do it). Well, here is the catch, this spring cleaning idea will truly benefit you!  It’s time to look under your bathroom sink and take an inventory of all the skincare products that you tossed down there because you were less than satisfied with the results.  It is time to start over and go back to the basics and get it right. S0 ho ahead, just throw it all out!

I know, you have heard it before: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, “blah blah blah”.  There is a reason why you keep hearing it… works!

The Absolute Must Haves For Clear Skin:

Protect your skin with perfect products (like Skin Authority sunscreen)…

1.) Cleanser: There are so many cleansers out there and you certainly don’t have to spend a ton of money. You have several options: cleansing cloths, foaming or creamy cleansers.  I personally like foaming cleansers that get the job done without having to dirty up a wash cloth at every use (unlike the creamy cleanser that needs a wash cloth to really get it off your face).  I don’t know about you, but for just once, I would like to have one less load of laundry on my list of things to do!

* Tip From Teri: Remember to “pat” your face dry with your towel instead of rubbing it (to prevent wrinkles and irritation).

2.) Exfoliate:  I recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week and  preferably in the shower. Again, it is all about using the little time you have (as well as trying not to make yet another mess that you have to clean up!) There is nothing worse than when scrubs and products get into your hairline.  Do yourself a favor and just take care of this step in the shower.

3.) Eye Cream:  This has become my religion! I will go to my grave touting the benefits of eye creams.
This is great not only to prevent wrinkles around the eyes, but it is also great for puffiness.  C’mon, we are all sleep deprived thanks to our
precious bundles of joys. Try and find one that already has SPF in it and make it work double duty! Done and done.

* Tip From Teri: When applying your eye cream be sure to use your weakest finger, either your ring or pinkie finger!  Use a light tapping motion to avoid tugging or pulling the fragile skin around your eye.

4.)  Moisturizer:  Another must! It doesn’t matter what skin type you have: dry, oily, normal, or combination… you need this. And again, if you use one with sunscreen, you have just eliminated another step.

* Tip From Teri: Don’t forget about your neck (when it comes to applying moisturizer and sunscreen). It is one of the first places where women show their age!

Your skin is the gift that keeps on giving…So remember, let’s be kind to it!

* Sound Off: How many steps are in your skincare regimen?

Do you need to revamp your skin, rework your makeup and get the breakdown on the latest in beauty? Teri Cuddihy is a professional makeup artist and esthetician who knows her stuff (and can help you too!) To submit your own questions, comments and suggestion for Teri on Makeover Mondays, please contact

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