The Whitest Teeth You’ve Ever Had… With The Least Amount of Effort


The Inspiration: “Good teeth” genetics in my family are split square down the middle. While some of my sisters and brothers were spared the prepubescent horror of braces (due to unnaturally attractive smiling skills), my Dad, alternate sis and myself were the polar opposite. After years of braces and head-gear (matched only by Hermoine Granger hairstylings and Goodwill plaid-pant motifs), I finally tolerate my teeth. Lately, however, I’ve been tolerating them slightly more due to a new, wonky whitening habit.

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The Fix: I use the same philosophy regarding teeth whitening products as I do chocolate, shoes and make-out sessions: you can never have too little (and variety is always a good thing). This is why I have been “mixing it up” with the following, multi-leveled concepts. Take your pick!

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The Fancy Option: Even though you could win your own teeth whitening experience thanks to my Vanity Vacation Makeover Giveaway, there is no reason you can’t try Smile Brilliant for yourself. Although it comes with a cost, I recently ventured down the “individualized impression road” and created my own trays [see pics above]. It was enormously easier than I thought, and I have no idea why I waited for so long (as I do with kitchen sinks or kitty litter boxes). It broke down as follows- brush your teeth, mix the two doughs together (I felt like my 4 year old getting “down on the Playdough”), push in to the trays, hold over your for 1 minute… and done! I stuck both trays in the pre-stamped envelope, plopped in the mail, and in 14 days I’ll have my own personalized trays to line with whitening gel. It’s ok to be jealous… it’s definitely as cool as it sounds.

The Super Fancy Option: Need a vacation and a smile makeover? Try this new trend- a destination dental refresher to help you unwind and rejuvenate your smile. You could find yourself at a dental spa in Miami Beach that offers special services that teeth whitening Miami visitors can enjoy. Yes, there is such a thing as a spa for your teeth… who knew, right?

The Almost Free Option If all else fails, never underestimate the power of a good baking soda mashup. I alternate between baking soda and hydrogen peroxide… baking soda with squirts of lemon… or a swish of hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash. Do one of these pantry-friendly options once per week (prior to brushing teeth, right before bed), and you’ll see noticeable results at a slightly slower pace. Still, totally worth it!


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Speak Up: Which of these tricks have you tried?

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