The Top Reasons I Love and Hate Tattoos

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The Rant: My mother hates tattoos. She hates tattoos to the point of possibly disowning her children for having them (and certainly weeping herself to sleep at night, in the least). My older sister has a fabulous plethora of tats that have taken her years to acquire and mom years to mourn. As you can imagine, getting a tattoo is something I never thought was part of my future, nor did I ever particularly like them. Never-the-less, people change, my inner strength and the things I’ve overcome have certainly evolved, and (dare I say it?) so have I.

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* If They Age Well: I’m a Mom. If a tattoo is on any place that has stretched or might stretch one day [stomach, boobs, etc], it’s not going to look pretty in all situations. If I don’t love the color purple more than any other color on earth, why get it inked on me? If I only like linear shapes, or vertical lines, or horizontal imagery… Point being, it needs to match more than just who you are now but you want to be and will become too.

* If You’ll Never Regret Them: I have tiny wrists and a tattoo would probably look fantastic there (it’ll never get fat, or super saggy, or super stretched)… but that’s not for me. I prefer tats to be private (until now), and overall, mine are still only for my eyes and my eyes alone. We’re all different- they key is not regretting a single penny. (I’m poor, so mine were luckily all given as gifts!)

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* If They Don’t Match Your Body: Well placed ink can either make you like an area you’re not a fan of more (in my case), or only make the situation worse. Think about what you want to call attention to…what matches with your overall shape? I would never get any more tattoos because it would overwhelm my body. I don’t have a lot of chest, or a long a torso to work there – there is only so much room to go around.

* If They Have No Meaning Behind Them: Call me crazy, but I feel like every single square inch should mean something for a lifetime. Every line should evoke something you always want with you, every color choice… otherwise, why bother?

Ready to know the story behind my ink?

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* The only thing I’d ever want branded on me forever (wrinkly or not) is my girls. After going through such a tricky few years, I decided I wanted an homage to them. This tattoo has ASL hand-shapes for “K” and “F” [obviously in honor of my girl’s names, Kinley and Follin.] I wanted a vertical design because it fits well with my body shape (note: elongating!) and sparkles because I’m a ballerina. Is there anything else I’d want more on my body than sparkles?

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* After the tattoo above, I decided I was completely done. Until….my health started to take a turn (read my kvetching from yesterday). I wanted something that would remind me to make every breathe count. This has the word “inspirer” which means inhale in French [the language of ballet], but also makes me think of inspire. It’s pronounced like “in-spee-ray”, although don’t ask a deaf girl to say it three times fast. It has pulse lines on either side to remind me life is short, keep calm and keep breathing… you get the picture. I wanted it on my rib at first [over my lung] but it didn’t work well with my body type (note: I need actual boobs to pull that off). Instead, it’s right smack between my lungs. A little bit of a rebellion from my body, yes, but more a message to just keep breathing. And because my health has made me a monster with tolerating pain, I didn’t even make a peep throughout. Boom! Take that spine.

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