The Top Pinterest Beauty and Style Myths Tested, Tried and Debunked


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* “Adding Salt To Your Shampoo Does Wonders”: I was born with a texture of hair best described as ‘messy’ (not wavy, not curly, not straight… just messy). Basically, my hair thinks I’m a surfer chick even if my abs think otherwise, and salty water only amplifies my beachy texture. In a way, I “poo poo” [Madeline style] beach sprays and texturizing products because I really don’t need them… but adding salt to my shampoo for other reasons? Apparently, the super-coarse version of sea-salt you buy from the grocery store can purify and clarify hair, giving it life and volume while cleaning out residual product. It’s almost like a “booster” for locks… and guess what? It worked! There was no extra graininess, no weirdness- just a little bit more shine and a little more volume after my bath. I added about a tablespoon of sea salt to my handful of shampoo. Weird, but cool.

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* “Use Body Makeup To Create A Safe Tan”: I have a love/hate relationship with self tanner which has ended in the latter most recently. It makes me paranoid about rainy days or jumping in a pool or lying on white bed sheets (because it comes off in creepy ways). It smells funky and takes hours to apply properly (which I find exhausting and would rather read a book instead). A lot of famous folks use body makeup instead because it isn’t permanent, doesn’t cause sun damage, and doesn’t need a loofah and a lot of elbow grease to be removed when you’re over it. Although Sally Hansen has a spray on leg color and JLo’s brilliant makeup guru Scott Barnes has a Body Bling that made her glow somewhat infamous… I am generally too poor for either. Instead, I mixed up a hodge podge of BB creams, mineral bronzing powder, foundations, golden lotions, normal lotions and primers (just a squirt of each in a bag), and added a few tablespoons of baby powder. Oddly enough, the baby powder is the trick to making the makeup “stick” and “last” longer than your average bronzing lotion. I applied it quickly and easily (the powder makes it dry fast, so I used little bits of regular lotion to smooth out any rough spots) and it lasted all day. The best way to clean up any messy mistakes is with the Bronze Buffer sponge- it’s like Magic Eraser for your legs instead of your bathtub (and honestly, I think both are miracle inventions). So frankly, I’m completely in love with this DIY approach. Done and done!

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* “Make Your Own Clothing And You’ll Always Look Cute”: If your crafting skills are anything like mine, you avoid the “craft” category on Pinterest like the plague (I wish I was that nifty). But I’ve always believed that you should never settle for your clothes ‘as is’ if something can be done to tweak the fit. Above you can see a super cheap $7 dress from Target that didn’t fit perfectly, but once I pinned up the hem 4″ and turned it backwards [yes, backwards] it looked a heck of a lot better. Below you can see a cute plaid top that was originally a top my 6 year old daughter didn’t want, but because of it’s lose fit (and straps that could easily be snipped)…I was able to make it my own. Not bad, right?


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