The Top Kid Picks (According To Mommas): Speedy Family Solution

Did you notice that Makeover Momma has finally launched a Family page? Don’t worry- Makeover Momma is still a special haven for mom (who rarely ever gets to think about herself), but if you also want the latest for your babies and kids too, you now can have all the resources at your fingertips! So, the next time you want to think about your kiddos (admit it, you can’t help it), you can go check out the new Family Page.

To celebrate this new launch, I sat down with my girls to chat about their top picks for kid-friendly brands at the moment (which admittedly, are also my own). Want to check them out for yourself? Read on…

* Juno Baby: We’ve talked about it before, and we’re talking about it again: Juno Baby is the guilt free indulgence for both mom and kid. Why? Your child can relax in front of the TV for a perfectly timed movie (yes, that means you can finally grab a cup of coffee), while learning about morals, values and lessons with adorable characters. Most importantly, their brain will be stimulated and creativity encouraged through the original compositions of classical music that score each film. And for mom? It truly is the only music-laden movie or CD your kids will listen to, that won’t drive you completely nuts (trust me, I’ve tested it out). The music is moving, soothing and catchy, but the wonderful impact it has on your kids is even better.

* Robeez: Who doesn’t love Robeez? Every time a close friend of mine is pregnant for the first time, the first thing I buy her is a pair of Robeez. The shoes are so pliable and soft, they are perfect for every size baby (whether infant or toddling). Every time I see parents strapping their kids into thick, hard shoes that look like miniature versions of their own, I feel bad for the baby… wouldn’t you rather be wearing a pair of Robeez? If they made them for grown ups, I’d be the first person in line to buy. In a sense, Robeez are like the Uggs of baby footwear: comfortable, practical and they actually allow kids to move around without pain or struggle.

* Nomie Baby: Up until recently, I have been carrying the fabulous Nomie Baby Carry Beaner in the Makeover Momma shop (as mentioned during this video), and will be doing so again soon. But these days I’m really excited to be offering the Cozy Up Stroller Blanket for Infants. It’s the perfect gift to give any expectant moms or your own little one, to keep baby cozy when they’re indoors (or outside in the winter). It fits comfortably over carseats so you can keep your baby warm without worry. Plus, we are considering adding the Cozy Up Toddler Blanket as well, but since your opinions are what create the Makeover Momma shop, website and ideas: you be the judge! Should we add the Nomie Baby Toddler Blanket too?

* Speak Up: Which brand do you recommend for your kids? What kid items do you think we should add to the Makeover Momma shop?

Makeover Mommaâ„¢ occasionally receives cosmetic products for review, with no obligation to positively promote or cover said brand. Receiving products has absolutely no influence over our recommendation of any particular product.

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