The Tangerine, Lady-Like Dress You Should Be Crushing On Right Now


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The Outfit: I fell in love with the Belle dress the moment I saw it (perhaps because of the aptly named, and delightfully nerdy Disney princess? Possibly the only one of whom reads?) Although it’s maybe one of the most docile options on the Inverted Edge website- known for it’s fashion forward, daring pieces that nearly guarantee you will never be
caught dead” in the same outfit as someone else- I love it. It’s the sort of dress a lady should wear: soft, feminine, and super flattering.

And even though my day job makes me literally the opposite of a lady (motherhood is like nursing full-time without the cool scrubs), I wanted it none-the-less. Although my super low-key nuptials aren’t until this winter… and my honeymoon will be domestic and laid-back… cute outfits are enormously needed. Perfect time for a lady-like dress? Exactly. And even though I can’t wait to tweet/Pin/Instagram the living heck out of this dress when I wear it out “live action” during the honeymoon, there is nothing wrong with styling it now. Well, as long as my dude doesn’t read this post (he’s not Belle, so we’re safe).

Let it be noted that this dress deserves heels, and will be worn thusly (with lots of photographic evidence ASAP) honeymoon week!

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The Take Away Tips:

* Don’t Be Afraid To Alter: I thought that ordering from another country would be a hassle, but this dress arrived enormously fast (apparently our US websites are slackers), and fit seamlessly. I know you should never mess with a designer’s design, but because I was feeling flirty/am super flat chested- I tacked the back so that it stayed open, instead of fully closed with the zipper. Sometimes, a little temporary tweaking isn’t a bad thing!

* Embrace Color… Carefully: Even though I naturally have dark hair and olive-ish skin (despite years of trying to be fair and blonde), orange is not a color I typically embrace. If you’re new to a shade, try it in small doses as with this dress, and upgrade to an all-over color later. I’m swiftly becoming a huge orange fan!

Three Other Dresses I Want In My Closet:

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Let Me Know: How would YOU rock this dress?

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