The Secret to Shedding Pounds Without Dieting: An Exclusive Interview with Charla Krupp

Ladies it is time to time to turn back the hands of time and build up your confidence by slightly tweaking your wardrobes. Style guru and magazine editor Charla Krupp, the author of How to Never Look Fat Again: Over 1,000 Ways to Dress Thinner—Without Dieting, discusses how women can look great at any size, shape or age. How Never to Look Fat is an awesome book that will inspire and enthrall you (and not only that, but we think it is one of the top  fashion guides ever written for women!)

1. Who was your target audience when you wrote How Not to Look Old and How to Never Look Fat ?

“How Not to Look Old was driven toward women ages thirty-five and older, in which I had a mission to help women shave off ten years. How Never to Look Fat was written for women in their twenties and nineties, and how they can shave off ten pounds without dieting. With images of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, modern women beat themselves up to be a size six. Women should look the best they possibly can, and love themselves.”

2. How did you manage to keep the attention of college women and women with families and full time jobs?

Everyone wants to look better in a good range of clothing. I also created a new language for women, in which they should think of their clothing as food. For instance, I created clothing terms according to fabric as “no fat”, “low fat”, and “high fat”. For instance, bright colors, shiny material, and metallic fabrics are fattening, these materials make you seem fat. Ladies should wear clothing that fits them at the moment (since moms who just had children may have fluctuate in weight may have a wide range of clothing sizes). This means that fat clothes must be thrown out immediately. Shapeless, boxy clothes are bad. Voluminous shapes for women with large bottoms are not flattering. Clothing should fit right, not too small and not too tight. Jersey fabrics and cotton are forgiving fabrics.”

3. How has your experience at major magazines like People, Glamour, and In Style shaped your perspective about the fashion needs of modern women?

Real women are not celebrities… this is an unrealistic view. Women should not dedicate the time or money to look like celebrities, because the simple everyday things are needed in order to look your best. Most women focus on their faces and not their entire bodies, but the neck is the most important body feature. When you expose your neck and other areas on your body, you will definitely look thinner. Moisturizing and anti-aging products are most important (I recommend Olay’s Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash– it works great!)”

4. Since we are in the spring season, what type of shoes should women wear to make them look the best?

“Since we are in the spring and summer season, ankle strapped shoes and shoes that have a lot of contrast are not ideal. Moms should wear a heel as high as possible, with a bare, shaved leg. Gillette Venus‘ inexpensive disposable razors can be used to shave in the shower, so women can feel clean and hairless. A survey of fifty-two women felt gross when they did not shave their legs [according to a Frink Study].”

5. What can our Makeover Mommas do in their free time to make themselves feel better for themselves?

Go to the bathroom, shut the door, and take a bath. If you can’t get a massage then indulge in the little luxuries, create your own relaxation oasis.”

6. Finally, if there was one thing that women all around the country should know about How Never to Look Fat, what would it be?

That one thing would have to be that we have to start treating our bodies just as good as our faces. The number one thing is to love yourself and your body. Don’t pinch or criticize yourself: your body is a wonderful thing! If you are really focused on losing weight, eat less and become more active (but I know this might be difficult for some moms). Due to menopause, medications, and fast food, losing that last ten pounds can be difficult.”

* Let Us Know: What is your best advice for never feeling “fat” in your clothes?

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