The Lazy Lady’s Guide To Being Lazy… With Style


Week 2: I hate mornings. I hate mornings almost more than I hate people rubbing my eyebrows in the wrong direction, or the face that hearing people make when they hear Styrofoam, or the smell of popcorn out of context (it totally smells like BO), or when my kid’s use the word “hate” in daily lexicon. (Oh, and apparently hypocrisy too). No matter how painstakingly I set out clothes in the morning or plot out my outfit, I almost always roll out of bed, realize I no longer care, and carry on as such. Normally around 10 or 11, I ascertain that adults typically wear actual clothes (not just dance shorts and a hoodie), and thus the following lazy lady photography sessions commence. That being said, 365 days of an everyday momma getting dressed is going to involve some flats, some comfy dresses and a lot of tops that don’t require a bra (thank goodness for that Lazy Day!)

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The Take Away Tips:

* Squeeze Yourself Into Jeans… Sometimes: Growing up on Florida, jeans (or real shoes with closed toes) were not a reality of my existence until young adulthood. I still think they’re uncomfortable and annoying, but grabbing a pair that sucks in your butt like Spanx on crack can do wonders for your toosh. Sometimes a little pain is worth the hiney-lifting gain.

* Double Up: I don’t have a lot of clothes, and thus wear the same dang dresses all the time as you will surely see. Don’t be ashamed to do this- just mix it up with a differing belt or sweater or funky shoes, and get on with it.

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Rock Your Eyewear: So many of my friends have to wear eyeglasses (thanks to my super lackadaisical ears, I’m really happy I’m not deaf and losing my vision), but complain about the options. If you want to look cute in the morning but are too tired to put in contacts, I vote for embracing your bi-focaled hotness and playing them up, instead of down. In fact, they just might be one of the most underutilized accessories around (witness the above example of fabulous moms donning lenses and still looking sassy). Check out these women’s eyeglasses for more ideas on saucy styles.

But what about mixing and matching eyeglasses with your outfits? Some of my more Type A mommas might think that that classing colors (like black rims with a brown ensemble) is a major faux pas, but if there is anything that glasses allow you to pull off it’s eclecticism. Meaning, if your shades and your style are somewhat clashing that given day, or the patterns don’t seem to mesh? Who cares! Instead of leggings, or jackets, or scarves in the cold weather months, glasses allow a way to layer or add dimension to an outfit (even when you’re only wearing a spring dress and flats!)

Final takeaways? Even if you’re newly adjusting to eyewear or think contacts are the only option, keep in mind that the right kind of glasses can improve your look, frame your eyes, and even up the anti on your hotness. Yes, that’s right- I think Tina Fey looks better with than without. Lisa Lobe? Who are we kidding. Use what makes you unique to make you exactly that (um… unique), and embrace it. We will all thank you later!

Let Me Know: How would YOU rock glasses the most?

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