The Connection Between Organic Granola and Durable Winter Boots

So what’s the connection between organic granola and durable winter boots? Makeover Momma TV of course! We had a ton to cover this week, because I wanted to make sure to answer all of your questions and comments (you’re my boss, after all!) Luckily, we had plenty of time to chat skincare, nutrition (and even the essentials for a super-chic winter wardrobe)… so now it’s your turn to check it out!

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The Giveaway: Sperry Top Sider Winter Boots

If you need a new pair of boots (and you probably do), than you definitely should have tuned in to last night’s show. A couple of weeks ago I shared my own experience with Sperry Top-Sider winter boots (I have admired their shoes from afar for years, but never had a pair of my own). I have been wearing my two pairs of boots nearly non-stop (they go with everything, they’re of the highest quality and are fabulous in wet, cold weather). And now a fabulous viewer from Makeover Momma TV won their own pair (and gets to choose from a fabulous list of options). Wish you had your own pair? Check out some of the featured boots below, and start writing them on your holiday list (maybe Santa will be extra generous this year)…

* Women’s Sandfish Boot

* Women’s Northstar Boot

* Women’s Ladyfish Boot

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Product of the Week: Nature’s Path Ancient Grains

It’s no big surprise that I can’t eat cereal since I’m gluten-free (especially since I never seem to shut up about it), but I never have to worry about testing “gluten-full” items for the website, because my husband (all 6’6″ of him) was born to test products (and by that I mean eat). He is a big cereal fan and can smell a “healthy cereal” from a mile away (unless it’s covered in sugar or as techni-colored as the 80’s, he won’t eat it). Perhaps this is why I was so shocked to find him crunching away on the new Nature’s Path Ancient Grains (certainly enough evidence to deem it the POTW). Now that I know he can tolerate (and downright enjoy) this healthy granola with almonds (featuring quintessential nutrients and grains like spelt, quinoa and amarath), I’ve been trying to find new ways to sneak it into his diet (I’m aware of the fact it sounds like I’m talking about a child).

Yet whether you need a deceivingly healthy snack for your spouse or your kids (or any combination thereof), this granola can be used in a variety of ways (without complaints from the family). While it makes the perfect “trail mix” (mixed with some dried fruit and nuts), it even works as a tasty dessert (sprinkle a small amount of dark chocolate and granola over low-calorie ice cream or yogurt). So let me know… how would YOU eat this cereal?

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