The Chill Out Challenge: Get Healthier and Lose Weight In 1 Month!


The Idea: It’s no secret that my health is the pits lately, and most of the time, it’s completely out of my control. The more that I lose weight from a faulty pancreas and frequent infections, the more that I seem to be eating like a PMS-ing Sophomore. Yes, fatty calories and extra mayo will add weight on (or so we hope)… but what is it actually doing to help my body heal? For some of you long-time Makeover Momma fans, you may remember my nutritional background, and the various recipes and plans offered throughout years. After becoming a vegetarian at the age of 7, a health writer by 17, and so forth: nutrition is one of my top nerdy subjects.

Yet oddly, the second I started to get worse from my lungs and mucus and every gross combo between, the more I began to shun this part of my history. Why eat healthy if I can’t seem to gain weight? Why eat healthy if I’m doing hours of treatment but still not… well, healthy? Then it occurred to me: the greatest thing we ladies have to offer one another in the quest towards better health is community. Yes, most of you are not trying to gain weight as I am, but this doesn’t mean we can’t cater our needs (weight loss, more muscle, etc) to suit everyone. How? Read on…

The Challenge:

This may sound cliche and over-stated, but there is nothing more harmful to our bodies than too much inflammation. Whether the onslaught of auto-immune diseases, food allergies or fluctuating hormones, most of us are impacted negatively by inflammation and don’t even realize it. Some of us (especially those with chronic health issues), know that something is exacerbating the problem, but not how to move forward. So, what do I suggest? Taking the Chill Out Challenge for one month. Here’s how it works…

The Fitness: This challenge is about more than just fighting stress and decreasing negative hormones in your body- it’s also about redesigning your muscles so you can feel long, lean and totally zen. I will post a video every week showcasing new toning moves that you can do anywhere, at any time (even if you’re chilling on your couch), all inspired by my dance background. Because each movement is designed to create lean, long muscles, you can repeat them everyday without worry of burn out. Promise to do the 5 minute workout all week long (until the next video arrives), and I promise you’ll feel that elongated, ballerina burn. Even if you are a ballerina, Yoga or Pilates fan already, you may find that changing your routine will improve your game, core muscles and overall strength as well. Follow Makeover Momma on Facebook and don’t miss a video!

The Food: Over the coarse of 30 days, you will make a simple switch in food habits everyday (we are talking really simple), until you are an anti-inflammatory goddess by the end. I will post your challenge of the day via social media (so hello, give a follow!)… Could it be easier? You know those healthy, holistic people who post photos of their colorful, fresh breakfasts and make you feel ashamed of your 1/2 eaten bowl of cereal and dejected Pop Tart? Yeah, you’ll be able to gloat like the former, and forget the latter… without a complicated routine. Follow Makeover Momma on Instagram, and don’t miss a nutrition-spiration!

The End: For most of you, you’re going to feel energetic and elongated after making thees simple switches. For some of us (cough, cough, myself), the goal is going to be healthy rather than weight loss, so decreasing symptoms or increasing energy may be the focus. Whatever the reason, follow along… and answer the following question to automatically be entered to win bonus products as incentive for the Chill Out process.

Answer This Sentence: “I am pledging to do the 1 month Chill Out Challenge because… ” and let us know why!

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What You Win:

After pledging below, make sure to pledge on your favorite social media avenue of choice (tweet me, Facebook, Pin, and so forth), using the hashtag #chilloutchallenge. Everyone who spreads the word is automatically entered to win the following pampering products…

 photo 11_zps14a302d1.jpg

R.I.P.P.E.D Total Body Challenge: Want to take your #chilloutchallenge to the next level? This full body workout burns up to 700 calories per session (by raising your metabolism throughout the day), and is based on wildly popular classes throughout the country. It stands for resistance, intervals, power, plyometrics, endurance and diet… all of which sound like multitasking to me!

Power Boxing Workout: Champion boxer Marlen Esparza heads up this intensive turn towards boxing (which seems super cool, but I honestly know as much about champion boxers as Krysten Ritter does a world without bangs). Featuring four workouts, it’ a great way to kick and punch your way through the week, especially if you already like kick-boxing of any kind… just make sure there aren’t any children in your line of fire.

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 photo 1aa_zpsaefcb888.jpg

Knocked Up Nails: Nothing says pampered like an impromptu manicure. And since our nails tell so much about our internal health, why not treat them to a little TLC too? Created as the first maternity safe nail polish line around, their products are safe for anyone wanting to #chillout on the chemicals. Cruelty free, vegan, and completely safe for allergy sufferers, cancer patients, and anyone in between.

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JORD: If you’re going to be working out straight from your couch and improving your diet one tip at a time, you might as well keep track of time, right? These completely natural watches are made from 100% wood (instead of toxic chemicals or funky plastics), and look super chic too. My personal favorite is the Fieldcrest watch in Maple/Black because it reminds me of a classic old clock (seriously guys, they’re made of wood!), and could androgynously work for anyone. Valued at $120, this is a true keepsake… and yes, I’m a little bit jealous.

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Always Fits: Even the most hollistic of mommas needsa little glamour some time, and that’s exactly what unique gift site Always Fits delivers. Retro themed with “mixtape” and “boombox” flare, it’s like all the best parts of a John Cusack movie sans drama (High Fidelity and Say Anything, respectively). Whether their makeup storage pouch, nail files, manicure kit or lip gloss, you can feel gorg without taking yourself too seriously. Good way to chill out, right?

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Want to win? Want to take the challenge? Ready, set… chill!

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One comment on “The Chill Out Challenge: Get Healthier and Lose Weight In 1 Month!
  1. Jenny says:

    I can relate to this post, Bailey. My health has been less than the best in recent years and no one can figure out what is wrong with me. Despite my determined pursuit of health, I feel bad giving health advice to others because I am not exactly the picture of health myself:)

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