The Best Food Gifts For Your Family: Make It Better

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Moms Jennie Garth (at a chef event) and Halle Berry (coming from lunch) both enjoy a good meal…don’t you?

You Love: Enjoying tasty, seasonal snacks that are well worth the calories… (For more on indulging this season, see yesterday’s “Savor Indulgent Holiday Foods Like Nicole Richie and Demi Moore“).

Make It Better: We were super excited to try an assortment of seasonal treats (to give to family and friends this year), and here are the ones that led the pack…

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1) Cheryl & Co Brownie: Perhaps it’s because we’re partial to chocolate (the best thing in the entire world, second to our children), but this chewy, perfectly-sized brownies truly stood out.

2) Cheryl & Co Frosted Holiday Cut-Out Cookie: These were so good, that we’re desperately trying to sign up for Cheryl & Co’s cookie of the month club (we’d have no problem putting in extra hours at the gym!)

3) Fannie May Holiday Popcorn Sampler: This makes a great gift (Bailey, Editor-and-Chief of Makeover Momma, tested it on hungry, teenage ballerinas, and had positive results), but the caramel flavor was definitely the favorite.

* Speak Up: Do you indulge more during the holidays? How do you keep splurges in moderation?

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4 comments on “The Best Food Gifts For Your Family: Make It Better
  1. Ali says:

    Really, I’m not a big holiday eater, so none of these really appeal to me! That’s a good thing, right? Just not for anyone that expects to get something yummy as a gift, because it just isn’t happening…lol!

  2. Renee says:

    You can’t beat chocolate. I’m going to try my hand at making truffles this year

  3. Bailey says:

    Yum! Let me know if they go well…. I want to try a brownie, chocolate chip cookie pie this year- but it might only taste good in my head? We’ll see….

  4. margret says:

    i Wonder how someone can stop eating these!!!

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