The Best Beauty Products of 2009 Awards: Beauty Product Roundup

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We have tested beauty products all year (from the truly affordable, to the super pricey), but keep coming back to these chosen few time and time again. Yes, a lot of them are certainly splurges for the every day momma, so check out which ones are right for you…and enjoy our Awards for the Best Beauty Products for 2009!

2009 Best Makeup Products

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* Best Multi-Purpose Product: The Geri G Cosmetics Mixer Kit (a silky, moisturizing product that can be mixed with other products to create new foundations, bronzers, lip colors, eye colors, or even be used as a primer.)

* Best Mascara: We know Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara has gotten mixed reviews from many, but we think the formula and brush stands alone (with or without vibration) as a fantastic clump-free option.

* Best Surprise Favorite: Most most moms avoid liquid eyeliner because it’s high maintenance and prone to smudging, but this Lash Food Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner is a breeze to put on (and has such a fine, thin tip that we’ve worn it almost every day!)

* Best Fast Foundation: Emani Minerals Pressed Powder Foundation is definitely our fastest way to get soft, even looking skin (and you can re-apply later in the day without ever looking heavy or dry.)

* Best Get-a-Quick Glow: Pixi has tons of affordable products for moms, but we fell in love with the Pixi Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer combo. Not only does the tinted moisturizer give an automatic glow, but we could carry the concealer around all day long (we even used it alone in place of foundation, and looked flawless!)

* Best Makeover Product: We never normally bother with lip gloss (seems like a waste of time as a busy mom), but this Too Faced Lip Injection made our lips look so full and shiny, that we’re now addicted (and might need a 12 step program). It looks like you’ve stolen someone else’s lips!

2009 Best Skincare Products

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* Best Dermatologist Replacement: Yes, the Dr. Brandt Laser in a Bottle is super pricey, but has replaced all of our prescription strength creams for redness (making us need less makeup too!)

* Best Do-Everything Cream: The Lierac Paris Comfort Peel might be expensive, but it kept our skin super clear (no more breakouts), while preventing signs of aging (a double whammy… love that!)

* Best Eyelash Product: We haven’t wanted to use prescription brands for longer eyelashes, because of our hesitance about risky side effects. Luckily, the Talika Eyelash Lipocils Conditioning Gel has done the trick, with zero side effects. (It takes less coats of mascara to look awake each morning!)

2009 Best Hair Products

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* Best Shampoos: We are torn between the Phytodensium Lifeless Hair shampoo and Pantene Pro-VA Time Renewal shampoo. Call us crazy, but the combination of these two made our hair simultaneously full of volume and lift, while still being silky smooth and shiny (is that even possible?)

* Best Damage Repair: We shellacked our hair in Paul Labrecque Restorative Protein Mask, left it in for 5 minutes, and continue to get the same silky smooth results each time.

* What was YOUR favorite beauty product of 2009?

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