The Beach Called…She Wants Her Flip-Flops Back

This dress would look cuter with better shoes…

* Fashion Fix of the Month:

I am the pickiest person in the world when it comes to dressing. Even though my eldest daughter can turn up her nose at any green colored food on Earth, I do the same thing with clothing that isn’t perfectly comfortable and tailored to my tastes. Although my wardrobe is limited (by funding, not choice), I approach fashion like an 80 year old women climbing a set of stairs (slowly and with caution). My strange rhythm of style choices and cuts in the morning is so routine, that I’m almost past the point of being embarrassed about my weird affinities. Pants? Yuck. I’ve hated wearing jeans or tight bottoms for as far back as I can remember (whether from a tailbone surgery when I was a teen or growing up in skirt-ridden Florida, I’m not sure). Heels? Though I went through a slingback and wedge phases a few years ago, my piggies are so riddled with scar tissue from years of Gaynor Mindens, that I now approach footwear with far too much practicality. Anything with a hard material, inflexible shape or too many straps makes my feet bleed before I can find an excuse to sit down. Growing up in South Florida I’ve learned to favor flip-flops that are native favorites (Keenos or Reefs), but don’t score high marks in the style department.

Yet perhaps my worst habit of all is my aversion to tight clothing (especially T-shirts). I blame it on spending the better part of my childhood in a dance studio, suffocating in skintight tights and constricting leotards that squeezed my growing torso and cut off almost all blood flow to my brain (so that’s what went wrong). The instant I graduated from dancer to dance teacher I exhaled into lose, flowing clothing, and anything that didn’t require me to skip my lunch in favor of a flat stomach. Unfortunately, I still hate T-shirts for their ability to accentuate my love handles (from too many gluten-free muffins), muffin top (from too many pregnancies), and eventual sweat stains (from too many muffin-and-past-pregnancy-induced hormones).

The Fix:

* Step It Up: Even if high heels are completely in practical in your day-to-day life, there is no need to throw on your sloppy, just-for-the-beach flip-flops and call it a day. If you find yourself wearing sandals that only Surfer’s think are cool, do what I did and search for something in between. Gladiator sandals, ballet flats or bedazzled flip-flops can look just as chic as a pair of Christian L’s, and don’t have to cost a lot (my new pairs were are all under $9). Or if you simply can’t give up your heels, make them more comfortable with Kushy Foot inserts (paper thin, nude socks with built in cushions to protect your feet without being visible).

* Go In-between: I know that there is no point in my eating healthy and working out simply to hide my body under lose, baggy clothing… but guess what? I still hate tight shirts. Instead of making myself completely miserable, I vow to meet myself 1/2 way with T-shirts that are body skimming, not body hugging. The moisture wicking options from Marika (Marika Tek Short Sleeve V Neck Dry Wik Tee) are slim fitting enough to look fashionable, while still being light weight and sweat-stain resistant.

“Top 5 Beauty Picks That Take You From Playground To Board Room”: Tiffany Lerman, Tiny Tillia Founder

1) “I can’t live without my Boscia Fresh Blotting Papers”: they absorb excess oil and banish shine without disturbing my make-up. They are 100% natural and keep my skin looking matte from day to night.

2) “I don’t go anywhere without lipstick”: Whether it’s tinted lip moisturizer or my favorite Avon Glazewear Lipgloss, I always have one on hand!

3) “Bobby Brown blush in Slopes”: It gives you that ‘just been running glow’ that always looks natural and never fake.

4) “Avon’s InBloom by Reese Witherspoon”: It smells so fresh and people are always asking me what scent I’m wearing.

5) “Avon’s Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Treatment”: I use this on days that I know I won’t have time to restyle my hair between a meeting and dinner. It’s perfect because it stops the frizz and keeps hair looking shiny and smooth all day!

* Speak Up: How would YOU fix this fashion?

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