The Battle of “Girl Hot” Versus “Guy Hot” (And If I Really Care)


The Topic: I am not a pearls and A-line skirt kind of a girl (I’ve always wished I was). I’m more of a wear-a-tunic-as-a-dress, look-like-I’m-on-the-way-to-ballet-class kind of a girl, which means my style is eclectic, to say the least. Almost every time I drool over fashion online, I think to myself “gosh, a man would hate this.” Fortunately, I’m long over the art of dressing to please a man vs. pleasing myself, but it still begs to differ…are you guy hot or girl hot? Here is how it breaks down…

You Are Girl Hot If You Want To Try Any of the Following:

High Waist

Tucking Thangs In

Over-sized Junk With Converse or Oxfords or Combos Thereof

Belting Layers And Layering Belts

You Are Guy Hot If You Wear Any of These Looks…Ever:

Some Toosh

Some Boob

Some Everything

Want to just be yourself, instead? Here are the top 3 items I am trying to not buy online right now (resist the urge, resist the urge)…

* Low Back, Borderline-Skanky Dress That’s Still Really Pretty (definitely guy hot)- $9.17

* The “I Think It’s Kind Of Ugly But Will Make My Feet Love Me Again” Sweater Loafer (definitely girl hot)- $9.99

* “I Like The Back Better Than The Front” Dress (probably more girl hot)- $14.99

Want to spread the style love? Share these items or any others you like on the Makeover Momma Pinterest page and I’ll send virtual good vibes in your direction.

Let Me Know: Which of these items would you want the most?

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