Does Airbrushing Your Image Ruin Your Blog?


Maybe I’m still havering over last week’s Tech Talk video (Cliff Notes: keeping true to your blog, even if that means being less of a perfectionist), but I’ve been mulling the concept of writer’s authenticity lately. And between the corresponding havering and subsequent mulling, I am frankly feeling rather dissociative with the impact of newfound technology on the realism of our journalistic presence. Say what, might you ask? (To quote Hemingway, “Write drunk, edit sober”… Can’t really tell with that last sentence now can ya?)

As an essentially full-time, work-from-home, single momma, I can recreate any sort of persona that I desire through the likes of Pinning, Instatizing, and so forth. On one hand, the creation of these apps is a revelation in the world of online writing: making it easier, more creative and faster for me to create content while on the go. Then again, I can Catfish myself faster than you can say “why are you still believing what you read online?”

Check out this image of myself (the left side being an unlatered New Years Eve snapshot with my broken iPhone, and the right being a self-tanned, teeth-whitened, lipstick’ed, highlighted, 10 pounds lighter version of my real self). Yes, all of that was digitized in mere seconds whilst sitting on my hand-me-down futon at home wearing fuzzy socks and stretchy pants…. disturbed, yet?


If mothers look to us as as online friends, counterparts, soldiers in the chaotic existence that is motherhood… why are we perpetuating images that are anything less than the messy, smelly, frequently unshaven realisms of being a mom? I vow to never completely alter my photos… to never create videos that make us question how much time I actually spend with my children… or to edit my writing to anything less than my [slightly vacuous] ramblings. Capiche?

Now It’s Your Turn: Is it fair for bloggers, Vloggers and other online personalities to airbrush and tweak images they dispense to the public?

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One comment on “Does Airbrushing Your Image Ruin Your Blog?
  1. Liz says:

    Interesting question. Fairness. I suppose people have the right to “control” their image as they choose. However, they need to be prepared for the ramifications of that. If someone meets you in real life and you “are not” the person you have portrayed yourself to be, ultimately, I think you are only hurting yourself and letting your readers down. If someone does minor touch ups that doesn’t make a major change to their appearance, then I don’t think it matters. We are our own worst critics and what looks like a bad pic to a blogger probably looks totally fine to a reader!

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