Tank It Out This Summer: Trendy Tuesdays With Kassandra

Need tank top inspiration? Let these picks (and cute mommas Ashlee Simpson and Naomi Watts) help out…

The Trend: Cute tank tops!

It has gotten so unbearably hot lately that getting dressed (once a favorite past time) has now become a burden. It is simply too hot for clothes… even cute clothes! It seems like tank tops are now more of a necessity than an option, because even the lightest of fabrics grow heavy on our shoulders in this heat.

Unfortunately, I recently that my old tank tops were far too drab for this season (like so many of us). Summer means fun and relaxing, not boring grays and blacks (I’m yawning just thinking about it). Here are some of my favorite tank tops (which I’m hoping to buy soon).. And guess what? All the tank tops featured here are just $10 at Urban Outfitters (you can’t argue with that!)

* Sparkle & Fade Pointelle High/Low Henley

This tank top is so thin that it’s almost invisible… which is exactly what I want it to keep me cool in this brutal summer sun. Sporting adorable stripes and an uneven hem, it’s easy to keep cool and stay cute. Plus, this piece comes in white, which also keeps you cool.

* Truly Madly Deeply Duet Bird Tank

Whenever I see a pair of happy birds flying together, I immediately think of Cinderella and the singing larks that helped her clean her room (and if you have kids under the age of five, you’re likely thinking of the same thing). Even though singing, cleaning-savvy bird have not been invented you, you can sport this light and fun trend on your tank. I love the symmetry of this shirt and the delicate simplicity of it. Sometimes, a black and white piece makes more of a statement than a hot pink number (while keeping you just as cool).

* Sparkle & Fade Slub Peplum Tank

Now, I’m not exactly sure what “slub peplum” means, but I reckon it doesn’t matter with a tank top as cute as this. First of all, the color is just perfect. I love the rose hue on almost any skin color. Second, the bottom tier ruffle is just enough to be cute (and not childish). Third, the straps aren’t some flimsy spaghetti straps that will break the second you pick up your little one (and they can effectively hide bra straps). And to top it off: it comes in three colors (rose, black and white)!

* Trend Sound Off: What fashion essentials are keeping you cool this summer?

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