Take The Leg Toning Challenge With Minutes To Spare


The Focus: Legs!

The Challenge: Meet my legs. They are gawky and beaten up, but do their job mighty well. How? Easy ballerina tips and tricks that will make you systematically hate me if you’re doing them right (that fabulous lactic acid burn should remind you of childbirth… yay?)

Luckily, this new post is as easy to follow as an episode of Good Luck Charlie (moms, you feel me). The key here is doing something that hurts a heck of a lot in a short period of time, and repeating it at least every other day for long, lean results in less than a month. Ready, set, pain and Pin!

The Breakdown: Follow the numbers to create a simple fitness equation that delivers balletic results. Aim to do each movement for at least 60 “pulses”.

* 1 + 2 = Hold on to a stable surface (in my case, dingy bathroom with my only sufficient full-length mirror). Rise on to the balls of your feet, keep your heels off the ground, and bend your knees in to a gentle squat. Using your thigh muscles only, slowly rise and lower about an inch in this position, keeping those leg muscles working the entire time- don’t let them relax!

* 3 = Without letting those legs rest, point one foot to the side, and slowly lift and lower it an inch (focusing on your outer thigh). Make sure to repeat with the other leg.

* 4 = Do the same with each leg, but this time point across your body (so that legs are crossed and you inner thigh feels all sorts of fabulous pain near the end). Do small lifts and lowers- only moving about 1 – 2 inches.

* 5 = Legs shaking yet? They should be. Quickly widen legs to a “4’th position” in ballet (almost like a lunge), heels high, knees slightly bend, and do a final round of tiny pulsing squats as such.

Kvetch With Me: What is your secret to toned legs?

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