Take A Honeymoon In Your Mind (Or At Least Dress The Part)


The Inspiration: I am having a “shindy” this winter (also known as a somewhat cynical, super casual, mostly nerdy wedding), and have dreamed of a honeymoon for sometime now. As a mother of two munchkins [who may or may not be legally insane], I’ve never had a honeymoon, nor a non-stressy a vacation. Thusly the idea of an excursion with kiddos is not only somewhat illogical and improbable, but relatively fictitious as well. Although we have a few kid-friendly locations in mind (coupled only with our complete lack of fundage and my inability to travel via air very often thanks to health quandaries), Vegas is certainly not one of them. Still, in the quest for a honeymoon destination, we are considering all options… and perhaps more importantly, the wardrobe that would be required.

The Idea: A visit to the casino is probably best left for the parent-free sort of honeymoon, but whether you venture towards an online casino site such as Lucky Nugget, or the land-based variety… you best be dressed to the nines. But, what on earth should you wear on a night out to a casino you might ask? If you haven’t been to LV or casinos before, you better do your research (depending on the venue, some are more casual than others). However, if this is your honeymoon in question, dressing like a high roller is not a suggestion, but an imperative.

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Brides: Whether you’re a momma like myself, a first-time bride, or a repeat offender, getting dressed up is something worth celebrating. If you’re worried about lumps and bumps from producing offspring in the past (our gosh-durn rite for creating life, if you ask me), than a maxi-dress is uber flattering and comfortable. You can completely forgo Spanks if you choose a slimming, lose variety like this one from Reiss, or you can inhale deeply and accentuate curves with a sleek cocktail dress as well (click above for both options).

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 photo Screenshot2013-08-24at100748AM_zps48088e71.png

Grooms: And though we may tepidly pretend to care about the groom in this scenario (“You got a millimeter of a haircut? Oh right, right, totally noticed”), men can go full Oceans 11 in a smart suit for that casino lobby. If you feel inclined to virtually “lay out his outfit”, try saving options like a skinny grey flannel suit from Topman on his laptop tabs, and pretend it’s an accident. Better yet, buck tradition with a navy suit from Reiss (according to the casino consults, it’s simple and comfortable for fashion fidgets).

The Take Away Tips: In reality, I will continue to share my nuptialized thoughts as time goes on- most notably, what outfits, beauty products and destinations we actually agree upon. For now, Las Vegas is off the metaphoric gambling table (too much of a gamble with young kids), but at least I can still wear the sexy dresses, right? Good talk.

Let Me Know: Which outfit do YOU like the most?

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