Take a Deep Breath… And Start Digging Salt Spas

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The Inspiration: I hate to talk about health again (while I’m talking about health again), but hey… I wish my health was better! Know the feeling? It’s no secret within the pulmonary-challenged community that salt can solve a lot of woes. For those of you who don’t know (which was me at one point), fresh saline air has been proven to help the lungs and breathing of Cystic Fibrosis patients, Primary Ciliary Dyskensia peeps, and everything in between. In fact, a lot of CF-related people relocate to the beach- or take up surfing- for this very reason. Personally, I’m supposed to to suck the saline pipe twice a day for my health (hypertonic saline)… which is not always the most pleasant, I’ll be honest.

So after chatting with one of my respiratory therapists, I heard about a new trend in lung therapy: salt spas. These spas are not only for low-breathers, but for anyone with allergies, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, acne and most other annoying problems. Determined to investigate, my dude and I took a trip to our nearest salt spa- Breathe Easy in Richmond, Virginia- which is about 2 hours away. It was totally spur of the moment, but the salt spa was completely ready and happy to greet us. In fact, the owner himself understands health quandaries all too well since one of his own children has lung issues.

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* Why It Was Good: Ok, so picture this- a room completely coated in pink, crystallized salt particles, with soft pink salt under your feet (we took off our shoes and wore medical footie things), and a hole in the wall. Once you’re settled comfortably in the reclining beach chairs, all-natural saline is pumped through the wall for the 45 minute session. Our only job was to kick back and chill! According to my hearing counterpart, soft, ambient music was playing (obviously a deaf girl disregards this detail), and a lot of people work on their laptops, catch up on their favorite book or take a nap!

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* How It Felt: For myself personally, I left the salt spa feeling much like I do after an intensive saline treatment through my nebulizer (in other words, good). My skin felt refreshed and cleansed too, the same as at a day at the beach (you know when your complexion gets mysteriously clear of breakouts?) For other less sickos- like my dutiful man friend- the difference was more noticeable… his sinuses felt better, and he was ready to sleep all day. The term for all of this is “halo therapy”, which basically feels like I’ve climbed inside my nebulizer or condensed a day at the ocean in to a simple, 45 minute chunk. The coolest part of the spa was actually the aspect that didn’t apply to me: the kids room. Kiddos can go and play in the salt (or “sand”, rather)… slide… hang… all without ever realizing they’re improving their health along the way.

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* Summary: Personally, I was so in to this concept that I almost want to open my own salt spa. I think one of our local cities could totally use one near the hospital, which would benefit a lot of people… Plus, what a cool job! But since I’m no Steve Heyer (if wondering, Steven Heyer is one of the brains behind some of the best resorts in the country), nor an entrepreneur type in any form… I am still in the “mulling” phase. Either way, I wish we lived closer to a salt spa like Breathe Easy so I could make it a part of my natural routine. It can’t hurt, right?

Sound Off:Would YOU ever go to a salt spa?

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