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   Makeover Mommaâ„¢ is all about tapping into your inner beauty and wellness, so you can feel like the best mother possible. But what if you already feel like the best mother possible, without needing to change? This has been the question of many fans and fashionistas when discussing overnight Brit sensation, singer Susan Boyle. Although she may not be a momma herself, Susan infamously bypassed her singing career to take care of her own ailing mother for years, until finally gaining acclaim with her vocal stylings on British television. Unfortuantely, she has also gained continual criticism for the refusal to change her appearance, after infamously telling the London Times, “”Why should it matter as long as I can sing? It’s not a beauty contest. Maybe I’ll consider a makeover later on, but for now I’m happy the way I am … short and plump.”

   What do you think? The makeover experts at Daily Makeover worked their magic on Susan’s image to see what could possibly happen if she played with her look (see above), and we can’t help but think that if a new look makes her feel better about herself (and doesn’t detract from her talent), then who cares? Other mothers and beauty mavens agree, because a recent survey found that “3/4 of participants believe Susan Boyle should have a makeover, and that having a makeover did not in any way detract from who she is.”

Sound Off Yourself: How far should Susan’s makeover go? Voice your opinion with this Daily Makeover survey, or leave your comments here!

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