Suri Cruise Fashion Tips — Designer Duds at Tots n’ Style

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Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise think hard about toddler clothing.

  One of our favorite things to do here at Makeover Momma is shop for clothes, but we are usually strapped for cash, pinching pennies, or any number of “got no money” euphemisms. However, because we believe in splurging on ourselves once in awhile, we also believe in splurging on our kids too. Suri Cruise (shown above) has become nearly as famous as her fashionable mother for wearing designed duds at a young age, and we can’t help but be inspired by her youthful fashion finesse. 

As the holiday season fast approaches, here is our Makeover Momma Monthly Pick for Fashionable Website: Tots n’ Style.

Why We Love It: Tots n’ Style is about as designer as it gets, with beautifully made clothing, exquisite choices, and classic brands. Although our kids are known for spilling spaghetti sauce on party dresses in 2.5 seconds, we love the idea of getting a special outfit for the holiday season (whether to take photos in, wear to parties, or slip on for church). This is the perfect website to find a huge assortment of beautifully made designer clothing ranging from $25 to $200, with labels like Armani Baby and Armani Junior, Ella Moss Girl, or J.Brand. If you want to achieve the same look or wear the same designer as your child for special occasions, try checking out the adult brands at websites like Bluefly.

How To Save Money: If you’re shopping for little ones this holiday season, but don’t want to blow all of your cash, try checking out any of the items that are on sale at Tots n’ Style, or the website-wide 25% off new Fall Styles Sale. Better yet, they are offering free shipping on any standard orders. There is nothing like free shipping to get us excited!

   We admit that at Makeover Momma we typically give advice to busy mothers only, but its about time we throw in some fashion advice for kids too! Stay tuned next month for more on child style savings and fashion forward websites.

* Do you have fashion advice for kids or toddlers? How do you get a holiday ready outfit for your child?

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