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*Nutrition Tip of the Week:

I’m a supplement slacker. Whenever I’ve purchased vitamins in the past, I’ve diligently failed to take them with record speed. I don’t know if it’s my busy lifestyle (or the fact I can barely remember my own kid’s vitamins), but finding time to supplement my diet becomes more than just an afterthought….it becomes obsolete. This is why I’ve found myself deeply surprised to be on day 7 of Food Science of VT supplements and going strong.

They’re different than your standard vitamins because they help with things that women really need (for example, I’m loving Dimpro which helps with weight management and hormone balance). I pop my pills in the morning with sparkling, flavored water (yes, I sadly have to trick myself into drinking enough water), and follow up with my personal favorite: Superior Purples. It’s a powder drink containing tons of nutrients derived from purple produce (think blueberries and eggplant). And since I would never wake up and blend a veggie-packed juice in the morning (despite my best intentions), it’s the easiest way for me to ingest vitamins I need without the hassle.

Best of all, I’ve been using this bright red, tasty drink as incentive to squeeze in a quick workout. I’ve never felt more proud of myself when drinking my Superior Purples in the morning, doing a 30 minute exercise tape (Slim In 6 at the moment), and wearing my New Balance toning sneakers for extra results. Seriously, I’m like a walking infomercial…. but a momma’s got to multitask when she can, right? And even though Superior Purples was designed to help prevent signs of aging and boost antioxidants in the body, there are tons of other drinks too (including Superior Greens which help detox the body). There’s something for everyone!

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* Speak Up: What supplements or vitamins do YOU take?

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