Summer Doesn’t Always Mean Short: Trendy Tuesdays With Kassandra


The Trend: Maxi dresses!

There’s something about maxi dresses in the summer that I just adore. Maybe it’s the fact that everyone looks fabulous in a maxi dress or maybe it’s just because my inner princess likes to wear long, pretty dresses. Whatever the reason, maxi dresses are perfect for the summer. And just because it’s warmer out doesn’t mean the hemlines have to get shorter (in many cases, the hemlines during the summer are almost too short).

I mean, doesn’t it sound wonderful: strolling through the park on a warm summer day with your kids and your husband wearing a long, luxurious dress? Having a friendly breeze lift the bottom of your dress and play with your hair? I think it sounds fantastic. I myself own a ridiculous amount of maxi dresses just because of how majestic and beautiful I feel in it (and I’m almost 100% certain you will too!)

* Jersey Maxi Halter Dress

There are three things I love about this particular dress:

1. Beautifully arranged tiers of flounce ruffles around the bust line.

2. Tasseled rope straps with beads that just scream Grecian goddess.

3. The wonderfully soft and delicate taupe color of the gown.

Just grab a pair of gladiator sandals and throw your tresses into a loose, messy bun and the look is complete! This dress is great for you ladies with small busts (like me!) because the ruffles give you a bustier appearance. This dress also is great for ladies who are smaller (again, like me!) because the empire waist lengthens your bottom half and gives you the chance to look so much taller than you really are. This dress is only $22.80 at Forever 21.

* Gathered Center Maxi Dress

A vibrant blue color like this screams one thing: summer! It reminds me of the ocean and of endless days lounging on the beach. This dress just cascades with this bright blue like a waterfall. Unlike the other maxi dress above, this style is great for ladies who are bustier than most. The gathered center knot playfully highlights slight cleavage while the thicker straps of the dress provide support and a cover for the straps of your bra. This dress is also from Forever 21 and is $29.80.

* Striped Sleek Maxi Dress

I love wearing stripes in the summer. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s because I have a secret fantasy about being a sailor and traveling the high seas (who knows?) All I know is that nautical stripes is a classy pattern to adorn yourself with this summer. And this dress is both adorable and an easy fit into any wardrobe for any season. Imagine it now with white sandals and a braided red leather belt and then imagine it in the fall with soft leather boots and a chunky sweater. That’s the genius of maxi dresses, really. The ability to transfer itself throughout the seasons is invaluable because one piece can really do so much more. This dress is again from Forever 21 and costs no more than $19.80!

* Trend Sound Off: Do you fancy yourself in a maxi dress this summer?

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