Stylish Coats and Flat Boots — Figure Flattery Fashion

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Unflattering Faux Pas: Creating an outfit of thick, chunky layers during cold weather months (when rushing out the door).

Figure Flattery Fix: Try to create a lean look like Gywneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes (above) that flatters post-partum curves…instead of covering them up. Piling on bulky coats to hide your body will only create a Michelin-man effect, so try a feminine coat, sleek jeans and flat boots.

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1. A Coat With Flare: Skip the oversized coats or anything that adds weight, and choose a light, hip-length jacket instead.

Try: Old Navy’s Stretch Plonte Pleated Jacket

2. The Perfect Fit Jeans: The best kind of jeans post-partum should hit directly between your belly button and hip (without squeezing your middle), have wide pockets and dark wash (to minimize your rear), and absolutely no pleating or funny styles (skip the skinny jeans or wide flare).

Try: Target Mid-Rise Boot-Cut Denim Jeans (Dark Wash)

3. The Comfortable Flat Boot: Flat boots are the perfect winter accessory for busy moms who just can’t bother with heals (but should forgo frumpy sneakers whenever possible).

Try: Wet Seal Faux Suede Fold Over Boot

Fashion Fix Prices:
Jacket: $25.00 (on sale) or try this longer Old Navy jacket for $59.50
Jeans: $22.99
Boots: $39.50 (subject to go on sale)

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