Stop Stressing Over Size With The Makeover Momma Shape Up

* Makeover Momma Shape Up: Week 1

Committing to an hour of exercise a day or an extremely strict diet might be feasible in the beginning (when your motivation is high), but let’s face it: will you really be able to maintain that when your kid’s have the flu or your house is a wreck? The Makeover Momma Shape Up aims to let us all feel like a success (even if we only squeeze in 10 minutes a day) and stop stressing about healthy living. A balanced life should help you reduce stress… not add to it! Ready to get started? Watch this video and remember these three key goals:

* Nutrition Plan: A healthy lifestyle should never include the word “diet”. Despite this, a little guidance is always appreciated, and this is why I’m so excited to share my journey with the Slim Fast 321 Plan. Even though I eat healthy and balanced overall, I’m almost always forgetting to eat breakfast or small, frequent snacks to keep my metabolism high (which will bite me in the ever-increasing-butt some day). The idea of waking up and having a fresh cold shake ready for me (no cooking or prep required) will definitely help with skipping meals, and getting to eat six meals a day is motivation enough to give it a go.

* Fitness Plan: Each week I’ll provide you with 10 simple exercises. Choose four exercises per day (whichever ones you want) and rotate them for 60 seconds each. By the time your 10 minutes are up, you’re done (how easy is that?) The goal is setting aside time to really sweat every day, and leaving the rest of your activity up to your kids and your busy life.

* The Cleanse: The idea of a “cleanse” almost always as really negative connotations (whether depriving yourself of food or drinking weird juices for days at a time). Drastic actions like this are highly impractical (if not dangerous) for moms who need fuel during the day, but the Dr. Natura cleanse is a great way to jump start your digestive system, flush out toxins and become more regular, without putting any stress on your system. I’m personally embarking on this cleanse for 1 month (taking fiber pills, drinking digestive tea and healthy powders) because I know my digestive system is a mess, and it doesn’t require me to cut out or change anything else in my diet or lifestyle. You can either follow my progress to see how the cleanse helps my internal health or create your own variation with healthy teas and fiber at home.

You Can Try The Shape Up: If you want to try, get unlimited support by commenting on the post of the week, or sending messages to @makeovermomma. I’m here to help you and want us to do this together!

* Answer This: Are you going to try the Makeover Momma Shape Up?

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  1. Michelle B says:

    I’m sure going to try! I def need to do something.

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