Stop Shampooing Your Hair For Good (And Start Using Wen)

I hate shampooing my hair. If I could wake up in the morning and hose myself down in an invisible mist of dry shampoo like a car wash…I would. Despite my chronic laziness when it comes to washing my hair (which has taken nearly a lifetime to perfect), I was literally chomping at the bit to sit in the metaphoric styling chair of celebrity stylist Chaz Dean by trying his infamous Wen Haircare system. His haircare concept has a legion of followers (devotees, in fact), charming infomercials, and fabulous photos to back it’s claim… but does it really work?

The entire idea behind Wen is that you stop shampooing your hair completely (that’s right, shampoo slackers can finally unite!) Since most products are damaging to hair color, texture and health, Chaz believes that by cleansing our hair with conditioner instead, we can preserve the hairs natural oils (and stop needing so many products just to make our hair look “normal” again). I saw the amazing results in his beautiful sister’s hair (after meeting both of them in New York during fashion week): she hasn’t used shampoo in over 14 years!

And even though I set out to test this system a couple of months ago (as the video above will show), my laziness towards my hair extended beyond my follicles, because it’s taken me so long to finally showcase the results! The trick to nixing oily stands is using a large quantity of the product (as Chaz will say himself). I would massage a large fistful of conditioner through my roots twice a week (often using an additional dose of deep conditioner when needed), and continued to have clean, silky strands. So even though it took me awhile to show you the final footage…. hopefully the results were worth the wait!

* What Do You Think: Would you ever stop using shampoo on your hair?

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6 comments on “Stop Shampooing Your Hair For Good (And Start Using Wen)
  1. krystal giannetto says:

    Great video!! i have been wanting to try Wen for a few months now…and its nice to see results from a real person lol..not an infomercial…i have dry curly hair that i usually blow out and it looks pretty good…but anything that will make it quicker and easier is worth trying lol…i just hate buying products off line…do u know if its sold in stores at all?

  2. Divina says:

    Interesting. I have seen the Wen commercials and now I am interesting.

  3. Haley says:

    Great video!! I have been using only WEN on my hair for about 6 weeks now and I can’t stress enough about how great this product has been on my hair. I no longer have to use mousse, gel, or any type of anti-frizz products on my hair. I have natural wavy/curly thick hair and I can honestly say that I have no more frizz and I will NEVER use shampoo again!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. shari valley says:

    First and foremost I love, no REALLY love, these products!! I had chemo hair (dry, breaky, hot ugly mess) and WEN saved my hair. I actually LOVE my hair. Personally, I would suggest getting the best value at or QVC TV. I can’t say enough about the “Fig” products of the line. What a difference its made! I even through out ALL my other stuff. I sure hope you try it!!!

  5. New To Mom says:

    Shari….that’s the only place I’ve seen it. I love it when he comes on.

  6. Grace Riley says:

    I like your video. You were already beautiful, but the Wen really brought your hair to life! I love Wen too. It is the one product from an infomercial that I can honestly say is worth the money. Thanks for bringing this wonderful video to people. Many people are suffering, as I was, with tons of hair strands falling out daily. I counted one day, 27 hairs strands came out in one shampoo! I switched to Wen, and within 3-4 Wen treatments my hair stopped coming out! Amazing. I love it!

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